• Asimo: Honda Upgrades Its Awesome Humanoid (Videos)

    Asimo: Honda Upgrades Its Awesome Humanoid (Videos)

    Honda has been very silent about Asimo, its super-advanced humanoid robot, in recent years. After introducing the first version in 2000, Honda showed several versions through 2005, until the company finally took the wraps off a new version earlier today in Tokyo. This model is the thinnest, fastest, and most “intelligent” Asimo yet. At 48kg, the Asimo that was shown today is… Read More

  • Videos: Tower robot Tsutenkaku conquers Akihabara, meets Asimo

    Remember Tsutenkaku, “the world’s biggest” robot? Tsutenkaku, basically a 170cm tall robot that looks like a city tower, recently made the journey from Osaka (where he was made and is supposed to attract tourists) from Tokyo. Needless to say, he first went to Akihabara, Tokyo’s robot geek paradise, and while he was there, Tsutenkaku met Honda’s famous humanoid… Read More

  • Robot for your computer: Honda releases Asimo desktop widget

    There are many humanoids out there, but Honda’s two-legged, super-advanced Asimo is certainly one of the coolest. And if you’re a hardcore robot geek, you can get it now on your computer desktop via a new Adobe Air app. Read More

  • P4: Honda's Asimo humanoid gets a re-design after 13 year [Update: No, he doesn't]

    Honda’s Asimo is probably the world’s most famous humanoid robot. The company today leaked the first technical details and pictures of the fourth version of Asimo, the P4. And the new and improved Asimo, which took 13 years for Honda to develop (P3 was unveiled in 1997), looks much more elegant and human astronaut-like than the previous models. Read More

  • Asimo costume: for best results, move robotically

    I’m still trying to decide what to be for Halloween this year, but this Asimo costume, made by a Honda engineer (they hate Asimo) just jumped to the top of my list… of things that would be too difficult to execute. I’ll probably just be a cloud again. Read More

  • Test Drive: Honda Stride Management Assist, Bodyweight Support Assist [Update]

    As I mentioned earlier, Honda is in town to demo their two walking assist devices for the first time in the US. I was given the opportunity to test both models out in midtown Manhattan this afternoon. The applications for both models are pretty obvious and Honda has been testing the Bodyweight Support Assist at their Saitama factory since November of last year. Update: The entire… Read More

  • Honda's 360-degree look at ASIMO

    Honda’s ASIMO has conducted an orchestra and even served cocktails. Now Honda has added a 360° look at the technology in ASIMO that lets him do all of that. You can see it here. Read More

  • Robo Japan 2008: Honda showcases the newest version of the Asimo humanoid (video)

    Video: Courtesy of DigInfo Honda’s humanoid Asimo has been around for more than four years now but it’s still highly popular in its homeland Japan. At Robo Japan 2008, an exhibition held in Yokohama last week, Honda presented the newest version of the 130cm tall, walking robot to the general public and it looks just awesome. Read More

  • Robot overlords taking to classical music

    In the graphic novella Robota by Orson Scott Card and Doug Chiang, the robots are invented by man, then take over science, and, when they develop a love of art, decide to end humanity, Skynet style. Fortunately, our creations have yet to have anything to do with art, meaning for the time being we’re safe. Wait, I just got a link here that Asimo, Honda’s prototype bi-pedal future… Read More

  • Honda's Asimo robot will conduct an orchestra next month

    Asimo, Honda’s adorable robot that braved sniper fire in Bosnia several years ago, will conduct a special session of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra next month. The ‘bot will boss around Yo-Yo-Ma and the rest of the DSO while they perform “Impossible Dream” on May 13. The stunt is supposed to create awareness of robots in art, while at the same time encouraging… Read More

  • Honda to demo walking assist device in Japan

    This isn’t the first device we’ve seen that’s meant to help the elderly or crippled walk unassisted, but it’s certainly the most compact and user friendly thus far. Honda will demo the walking assist device that they’ve been working on since ‘99 this coming weekend in Osaka at the International Trade Fair on Barrier Free Equipments & Rehabilitation for… Read More

  • ASIMO now serves cocktails! Ok, now I’m finally ready to love ASIMO. The robot can now team up with other ASIMOs and serve me drinks. Yes! Get me three, please, Honda, please! It’s Xmas, and I’ll need Egg Nog, ASIMO can bring it to me! And he doesn’t spill, and if he does, he cleans it up, and won’t feel degraded! I’m going to stop now! Honda Demos… Read More