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  • Seize Your Opportunities Like Jeremy Lin

    Seize Your Opportunities Like Jeremy Lin

    Last week, Forbes contributor Eric Jackson published a list on the 9 lessons that Jeremy Lin can teach you; number 2 on his list was “Seize the Opportunity”. Lin’s not the first, and he won’t be the last, but his meteoric rise has reminded us once again that anything is possible if you seize the opportunity. In this article, we’ll expand on that and discuss how… Read More

  • Six Lessons in Entrepreneurship

    Six Lessons in Entrepreneurship

    As much as we all strive to build sustainable and stand-alone companies, we’re living in a period of massive transformation and thus, consolidation and acquisition. As a result, many entrepreneurs build their businesses with potential acquirers in mind, choosing to grow at any cost instead of actually building a sustainable business that is solvent and profitable. GRP VC Mark Suster… Read More

  • The Case for Yahoo to Buy Hulu

    The Case for Yahoo to Buy Hulu

    While Yahoo! remains the best positioned digital media company around, Wall Street remains unconvinced. Yahoo!’s revenues are not growing as fast as other online media companies (GOOG, AMZN, Facebook, etc).  Moreover, between Facebook’s grip on display ad inventory and DSPs changing the way advertisers buy inventory, Yahoo’s core business (display, reach) is under threat Read More

  • Where Did VCs Go Wrong In Online Video?

    Where Did VCs Go Wrong In Online Video?

    Editor’s note The following guest post was written by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, founder and CEO of WatchMojo. Yesterday’s final implosion of video site Veoh, which declared bankruptcy after burning through $70 million of venture capital, was a long time coming. A lot of so-called smart money went into Veoh: investors included Goldman Sachs, Time Warner, Intel’s venture arm… Read More