Artiphon’s latest mashes Orba and Instrument 1 into a clever new music maker

Between Instrument 1 and Orba, Artiphon has established itself as the maker of innovative — and delightful — music instruments. Today the Nashville-based hardware startup returns to the cr

Artiphon releases Orba 2, to make music-making even more accessible

The original Orba was a curious little baseball-sized device that invited people who couldn’t play a triangle if they tried to somehow create beats, bops and bass lines. The success of the origi

Artiphon’s delightful Orba handheld synthesizer gets a sequel

I would love to see more companies like Artiphon in the world. Hardware startups with clever ideas and a knack for bringing them to market. Back in November 2020, I spent a good bit of time with the c

Artiphon drops the hardware requirement for its musical camera app, Orbacam

We’ve been following Artiphon closely over the years. Back in late 2020, I took a liking to the music startup’s latest smart instrument, the Orba. It’s not a complex musical instrument, by any s

Orbacam adds music video-making tools to its palm-size musical sequencer

Not content with setting your feet a-tapping with its intuitive music sequencer aimed at amateur music makers, Artiphon today announced an app that adds video-making prowess to the Orba’s alread

This $99 gadget helps you make music, no skill required

At CES back in January, I met with a handful of founders who were/are crowdfunding musical instruments. It’s a fascinating category and one to watch if you have a passing interest in either music or

Artiphon launches a Kickstarter campaign for its new musical device Orba

Artiphon, the startup that previously raised more than $1 million on Kickstarter for a device called the Instrument 1, has launched a new campaign for its latest invention, Orba. Co-founder and CEO Mi

Artiphon raises $2M round led by Warner Music

Artiphon, the startup behind the electronic instrument that it’s dubbed the Instrument 1, has raised $2 million in seed funding. We previously described the Instrument 1 as a symphony, rock band

Kickstarter smash hit INSTRUMENT 1 from Artiphon is now available to buy

Take a Chapman Stick, add a lot of tech in its belly and jam a USB cable up its jacksie and you get something that looks vaguely like an INSTRUMENT 1. It's a completely new type of musical instrument