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NASA delays Artemis moon missions to give SpaceX, others more time to develop tech

NASA is pushing back the next two Artemis missions to the moon — including the first crewed lunar mission in more than 50 years — by around 12 months in order to give commercial partners more time

NASA’s Orion capsule returns to Earth as ispace’s lunar lander takes flight

Sunday was a landmark day for both commercial and public space ventures, with NASA’s Orion capsule returning to Earth just hours after the launch of a privately funded and built lunar lander by Japa

Here’s what NASA’s Orion spacecraft is doing over Thanksgiving weekend

Since taking off aboard the Space Launch System rocket last Wednesday, NASA’s Orion spacecraft has had a remarkably smooth journey. But it’s far from over. While millions of Americans prepare for

Moon set for November traffic jam as both ispace and NASA target launches

If all goes to plan, Florida’s Space Coast could see two separate lunar missions take off in November. Japanese startup ispace said Wednesday it is targeting a launch window of November 9-15 for its

Max Q: Scrubbed

Hello and welcome back to Max Q. I’m writing to you from Florida, where NASA scrubbed Monday’s launch attempt of the Artemis I mission. In this issue: NASA’s Artemis I launch is scru

NASA scrubs Artemis I launch due to technical issue

After much fanfare, including a crop of celebrity appearances and the arrival of Vice President Kamala Harris, NASA said it was scrubbing today’s first-ever launch attempt of the mega moon rocket du

Artemis I is NASA’s moonshot mission to kickstart a new age of space exploration

Fifty-three years after humans first walked on the moon, NASA is kicking off its ambitious Artemis program to return us there, starting with an uncrewed launch of a massive new rocket on Monday. The A

NASA’s mega moon rocket could see its first launch this summer

NASA announced Wednesday that it is targeting as soon as late August for the first flight of the massive Space Launch System rocket, though agency officials stressed that the dates are tentative and d