arrested’s CEO was arrested, then released, by Minneapolis police this weekend on suspicion of alleged sexual misconduct’s billionaire CEO┬áRichard Liu was arrested by Minneapolis police late Friday night on suspicion of alleged sexual misconduct. He was released yesterday afternoon around 4 p.m. Today, JD.

Crunch Report | Samsung Vice Chairman Arrested

Samsung's vice chairman is arrested on bribery charges, Beepi closes down and sells off its operations and reports show that Theranos might be winding down. All this on Crunch Report.

Police Raid Polish University Over P2P

Piracy is on the rise at colleges and universities around the world, but one school in Poland must have taken it too far. On Wednesday, Police raided Koszalin University of Technology due to the massi

Dude Gets Busted At SXSW For Putting Up Zune Posters

This is a bit of an odd situation. Normally I’d be all against the cops arresting someone for posting some bills on walls. No big deal, see it every block in NYC, right? Well the difference here