Shapeheart is an armband that senses your heart rate without bulky chest straps

Not everyone wants to place a heart-rate monitor on their chest or wrist. Sometimes you want a meaty sensor, something that won’t drain your battery and something that also carries your phone us

Hands On With The Production Version Of The Myo Gesture Control Armband

Thalmic Labs is a Waterloo-based startup with a very ambitious goal – to change the way we interact with our everyday computing devices. To that end, they’ve developed the Myo armband, a gestu

Thalmic Shows Off The Final Design For The Myo Gesture Control Armband

Waterloo-based startup Thalmic is getting close to shipping its final consumer version of the Myo gesture control armband, which slips onto the forearm and can detect electrical impulses sent through

Thalmic Labs Gets Two Ex-BlackBerry Execs (Including One Who Just Left) To Help The MYO Armband Succeed

Thalmic Labs has picked up some heavyweight senior talent in its quest to bring the MYO gesture control armband device to market. Both are ex-BlackBerry, and both bring a lot of experience in the mana

MYO Armband Control Device Launches Its Developer Program

Thalmic Labs today announced the launch of its MYO armband developer program. Interested developers can apply to become part of the program through the new developer portal, which includes an applicat

Thalmic Labs Raises $14.5M To Make The MYO Armband The Next Big Thing In Gesture Control

Thalmic Labs, the Waterloo-based startup working on an all new form of user input for computing devices with the MYO amrband, today announced the close of its $14.5 million Series A funding round, led