700 euros burning a hole in your pocket? Here's an Armani-Samsung phone for you.

<img src="" />You're looking at the latest fashion phone that's sure to find its way into celebrities' gift bags at the end of fancy ya

Softbank's cell phone lineup for this summer (part 2: Armani and other models)

<img src="" /> SoftBank today not only announced <a href="

Samsung Armani Winmo 6.5 device coming this fall?

<img src="" /><a href="">Samsung</a> wants to make waves in the high-end mobile market

Armani and Samsung go at it again for luxury HDTV line

Giorgio Armani is getting together with Samsung again, this time for a TV, and it looks pretty good. The pair has already put out a high-end cellphone that we liked, so another partnership seemed like

Gadgets for Christmas? No way, Jose. I want an expensive Armani overcoat.

What do I want for Christmas? Honestly, I’ve got pretty much everything I want as far as tech goes. I have a reliable computer (an iMac), a cellphone that works when I need it to (some Verizon P

Hands on with the Samsung Armani

The Armani phone from Samsung was revealed weeks ago, but today we had a chance for some hands on and I’m very impressed. It’s small form factor, 3.44×2.14×0.41-inch, and touch s

Armani phone saves lives, looks good

We’ve told you about the Armani phone a few times in the past but this weeks launch of the device revealed some sweet details. The phone sports an innovative “help, I’m being taken a

Samsung Armani Phone Hands-on

[youtube] The Samsung Armani phone was officially unveiled yesterday in Milan and specs seem to be the same except for the haptic touch screen, which is a ni