• Casual Game Developer Arkadium Gets On The HTML5 Train

    Casual Game Developer Arkadium Gets On The HTML5 Train

    Casual games company Arkadium is announcing today that it’s supporting HTML5 games in its Arena Network. In other words, the company is finally acknowledging the need to move on from Flash. The news seems inevitable — and, if anything, a bit late. Back in 2011, Adobe, the company behind Flash, seemed to accept the fact that the technology wasn’t going to make the transition… Read More

  • With A New Suite Of Games, Arkadium Lets Gamers Play Right On Their Facebook Walls

    Arkadium, the casual and social game developer, is announcing today the release of the Arkadium Stadium, a suite of 12 Flash-based games that users can post and play right from their Facebook walls. Now you don’t have to deal with the hassle of playing the game in-app. I joke, but this functionality is very cool, as it allows you to quickly publish the game app to your profile, or… Read More

  • Gaming Software Company Arkadium Acquires

    Arkadium, an NYC-based company that markets gaming software for brands, ad agencies, casino operators and online game websites, has bought for an undisclosed sum and has revamped its gaming portal GreatDayGames with a number of additional features to boot. According to the company, customized advergames offer a fresh approach to exposing consumers to a brand and “keep… Read More