Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger ARK Lets Mobile Users Cut The Cord

<a target="_blank" href="">ARK</a> is one of the latest wireless device chargers for people who are tired

Ark Launches Rapportive-Meets-Mailbox Email App In Pivot To Marketing Intelligence

Need to do some homework on who you're emailing? You could search their name on Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, but on mobile that's a lot of taps, and it's hard to know if you've got the right John Sm

After Walking Away From Acquisition Talks With Facebook, Ark Opens Its People Search Engine

Following a jam-packed beta test and a jaw-dropping $4.2 million seed round, <a href="">Ark people search</a> is open for sign least for the next three da

Ark People Search Raised $4.2 Million Seed Round Instead of a Series A to “Keep Complete Control”

"The series A is essentially dying. If I can get an amazing valuation at a seed round, not give up a board seat, and keep complete control of the company, why not?" This is <a href="">A

Find Everyone You Can’t Google Or Facebook With YC’s Ark People Search

Google and Facebook can't help you find which of your friends are single, or live in New York and like Radiohead, but <a target="_blank" href="">Ark</a> can. Today <a target="_blank" h