• Party people, wave your wristbands in the air

    This cool Instructable teaches you how to build your own persistance of vision wristband, one of those things that spell a word when you swing it in front of someone fast enough. The device uses a Lilypad Arduino board and about eight 8 LEDs. Read More

  • Play (rock paper scissors) with yourself

    Self proclaimed glove hacker and electronics wiz Steve Hoefer just came out with his latest project, the Rock Paper Scissors glove. His project isn’t just random either, the glove actually learns how you play and will take advantage of your patterns in order to defeat you. Kind of creepy. Read More

  • Even as tiny blocks, you’ll recognize Super Mario Bros. in this Arduino project Funny thing, isn’t it? That you can watch some little blocks moving on an 8×8 LED matrix and recognize the first level of Super Mario Bros. buried in the squares? Developed by a Carnegie Mellon student named Chloe for… Read More

  • Drummer Hero for the Wii is powered by Arduino

    So many cool things you can do with Arduino. The possibilities are endless now that we have the technology! Jazari has constructed this very elaborate solenoid/Arduino rig to play a myriad of instruments, all with two Wiimotes. Sure beats playing percussion in band back in high school. [BoingBoing] Read More

  • DIY: Six rotor helicopter

    Adurino seems to be everywhere these days, particularly in the world of DIY. Take for example this helicopter project. Built by a German hobbyist with an inclination for projects related to flight, this 6 rotor helicopter is fast, stable, and extremely responsive. This is obviously not this particular hobbyists first experience with helicopters; he’s actually built an 8 rotor version… Read More

  • The Quadcopter, or build your own Drone

    We told you about the AR.Drone that we saw at CES, but here’s a homebrew alternative that you can build today. Sure, it’s not iPhone/iPod controlled, but it does most everything else: fly, hover, look cool, terrorize the neighborhood. Read More

  • The DuinoTagger and Talcapult

    Like a ’70s cop team – one is the goodie two shoes and the other one is the drunk – the DuinoTagger and Talcapult allow you to shoot things and make smoke appear. The gun uses an Arduino board to control a tiny catapult that blows out a little puff of smoke. Read More

  • DIY: Attack of the pumpkin

    Tired of the hoodlums destroying your pumpkins? Looking for a little payback? Here’s a project that will allow you to get some vengeance. Plus, it’d be fun to shoot silly string at the older kids that show up on your front step this Halloween. Read More

  • Video: Arduino-powered life size electronic snowball fight game (I can’t explain it)

    Okay, just humor me and watch the video, please. It’s not like I get paid to describe things with… those… um, you know, the things that make stuff readable. With individual letters, etc. And periods, commas — the things in between those. Read More

  • Droplet: A twee Arduino notification system

    Need to know the weather? Need to check Woot? Want to read the news? Well, all you need is an Arduino board, an LCD read-out, four buttons, a breadboard, some experience in electronics, and a computer. Then you can build yourself a Droplet. Read More

  • Automated beer brewing courtesy of Arduino

    Brewing your own beer by hand is soooo 1992. You can now automate most of the process using an Arduino controller and some source code over at Read More

  • Super Mario theme on stepper motors

    Eventually all music will be made this way: a 24-volt power supply, an Arduino board, and three stepper motors. In fact Akon is actually a simple stepper motor attached to a Vocoder and Pro Tools. Look it up! It’s true! One more video after the jump. Read More

  • "Mr. Watson – come here! The Roomba's broken:" Whole home intercoms with Arduino

    This cool system uses an Arduino board and home wiring to turn your local home telephone network into an intercom. When you take the phone off the hook it disconnects from the phone line and rings all of the phones with a different cadence. When you pick up the phone you get an open line so you can talk with loved ones and burglars who have broken in anywhere in the house. Read More

  • Hacking your Nike+iPod to open your door

    This Sparkfun project by Nate creates a keyless entry fob for a Mazda using a Nike+iPod kit, allowing you to leave your car keys at home. Using a serial board you can read the input and output bits of the footpod and grab signals and decode them. Read More

  • Steel ball + Arduino + hacks = amazing Katamari Damacy controller

    Why this hasn’t been done before is a mystery to me. This little hack project by Kellbot of NYCResistor takes a rolling ball, an optical mouse, a gutted PS2 controller, and some Arduino hacking and makes it into a working (and awesome) virtual Katamari. Why didn’t they have special controllers like this that came with the game? It makes so much sense! Video or it didn’t happen. Read More

  • Make your own "pager scanner"

    Those little scamps over at Adafruit are always up to something. This time they built a “pager scanner” which is basically a system that grabs all of the pages transmitted on pager networks and displays them. Sadly, the pager network isn’t as juicy as it used to be and now only drops sports scores and emergency broadcasts. Read More

  • Terrifying LED rainbow table makes your leprechaun dreams come true

    This kaleidoscopic fever dream of a coffee table is equipped with a 9×9 matrix of LEDs, which can apparently be set to “acid flashback” mode if necessary. It’s kind of like a demonically-possessed Lite Brite. When it’s not blasting color at your living room, though, I can think of a couple interesting uses for it. Read More

  • Neckwarmer modded with lights+LilyPad Arduino

    Since neckwarmers just can’t be neckwarmers, this guy put together a LilyPad Arduino neckwarmer. A simple neckwarmer was modified with lights, a LilyPad Arduino, and a light sensor to make the lights blink when it’s dark. Read More

  • Micro-controlled Arduino hourglass

    So you need your project to pause for a preset number of minutes but you can’t do it programatically? Why not connect a micro-controller to an hourglass egg timer to sense when the sand stops moving through the glass. A motor then resets the hourglass once the sand runs out, thereby repeating the process, ad infinitum. Pretty groovy, huh? Read More

  • "Teensy," a Triscuit-sized dev board that supports Arduino

    It’s really more half-a-Triscuit-sized. This little 1.2″x0.7″ $20 board is a good solution for your home projects that require a little computation but not a lot of space. Say you want to put a little RFID detector in your door that unlocks it when you come near. Don’t need a big hard drive-sized package nailed to the door; with a Teensy you could practically embed… Read More