• Archos to announce Android device next month?

    So Archos will apparently be announcing something on June 11th in Paris and the general consensus is that it’ll probably be the Internet Media Tablet with voice support running Android that was announced back in early February. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 2GB Archos 105 for $26

    Pretty nice deal on the 2GB iPod Nano-like Archos 105 at $26 with free shipping. It generally sells for around $60 or so at various sites, but Amazon’s got it as a one-day Gold Box deal today. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Archos 5 160GB Internet Media Tablet for $279

    Originally released at $400, the Archos 5 is currently on sale for $279. It’s got an ARM Cortex processor, 4.8-inch 800×480 touchscreen, Flash 9/MPEG-4/WMV/MPEG-2/H.264 and 720p video support (with an optional $20 plug-in), 802.11b/g wireless, built-in speaker, and a full e-mail client and web browser. Read More

  • Archos 2,4 flash players appear

    The new Archos 2 flash player goes for about $60 for 8GB of storage and it has MicroSD slot. Another device, the Archos 4, seems to be hiding right now but it will have a 4-inch screen and 16- and 32GB flash innards. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Archos 605 Wi-Fi PMP for $160

    Amazon has a one-day deal on the Archos 605 Wi-Fi portable media player with 30GB of storage and 4.3-inch touchscreen. It normally sells for around $300 but you can get it for only half that today. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Free Archos DVR Station with Archos 5 purchase

    If you’ve been eyeing the Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet but you’re not keen on the thought of shelling out another $100 for the DVR dock, you can get one for free at Amazon until Saturday. Purchase an Archos 5 120GB or Archos 5 250GB and add the Archos DVR Station to your cart and you’ll get $89.49 (the price of the DVR dock) lopped off the total price. Read More

  • Archos unveils plans for an Android-based Internet Media Tablet mobile "phone"

    Archos, best known for its line of hard drive-based portable media players, has announced plans to “extend its product line with a new ultra-thin Internet Media Tablet combined with a mobile phone, by merging Google’s Android telephony stack and the ARCHOS’ multimedia framework,” according to IT News Online. This new hybrid device (something of a joint effort… Read More

  • Here comes an Archos netbook

    Not content to watch 5,768 other companies compete for the netbook crown, it appears as though Archos is ready to throw down. Read More

  • Archos unveils three new ‘Internet Media Tablets’

    Archos does a cannonball into the Internet tablet pool with the release of three new devices: the Archos 5, the Archos 5g, and the Archos 7. These are the same devices that we wrote about late last week. The company is boasting the “Internet Media Tablet” as a new concept even though these devices have a lot in common with gadgets like the Nokia Internet tablets. However, Archos… Read More

  • ‘Coming up soon…’ New Archos portable media players

    Get ready for the next generation of Archos portable media players. A banner on the company’s Web site reads “Coming up soon…” There’s zero info other than that, and why would there be? It’s not like Archos fans don’t like to know the company’s plans from A to Z, right? via Read More

  • Archos launches GPS unit, live portable TV, and Flash 9 support for media players

    Archos sent out a fairly lengthy press release today updating us to a few new things its doing with its WiFi-equipped media players, including adding live TV and GPS capabilities. With the new In-Car Holder (that’s its name), the Archos 605 WiFi media player becomes a full-fledged GPS for autos. The holder has GPS functionality, and works with maps stored on the player. It’s a… Read More

  • Review: Archos TV+ (80GB version)

    The Archos TV+ is a set-top media extender plus (get it?) a whole lot more. And in true Archos fashion, this device demands a lot from its users. I mean that in a positive way, though, believe it or not. Archos users make up a proud community of tech-savvy enthusiasts hell-bent on getting the most out of their gadgets. I should know, I’ve been an owner of the Gmini 200, the Gmini 400… Read More

  • Archos TV+ is a lot like Apple TV (but Archos usually lets people tinker with its hardware)

    [photopress:archostvplus.jpg,full,center] It looks like the Archos TV+ came out in Europe before here, what with every British tech site having already given their first impression. The little device is a media server and comes with either an 80GB or 250GB hard drive. Wi-Fi takes care of the wireless streaming of music, movies, photos and the sort. If it sounds similar to the Apple TV… Read More

  • Help-Key: How To Rock a Dope Phone That's Not an iPhone

    It may surprise some of you to read this, especially from me, but I must say it: Not everyone is going to need an iPhone. Sure, I’m stoked as anyone to get my hands on one, but I’m not sold that it’s the do-all some people are hyping it up to be (not Apple, btw). Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an industry-changing device the likes of which we haven’t… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Keep It Simple, Stupid

    Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Few companies in the MP3 player business grasp this important principle, and it continues to bite them in the assets. iRiver and SanDisk are feverishly trying to keep up the pace of feature bloat, while Archos and Creative are increasingly focusing on video players. Meanwhile, Sony is getting ready… Read More

  • Archos Announces 405, 605, And TV Plus

    The boys at CG just returned from an Archos event to bring you the latest PMP goodness. The line-up starts with the 105, but today we are giving you a brief hands on with the Archos 405, 605, and the new Apple TV competitor… TV plus. The 605 comes standard with all the nifty features you’d expect in a next gen Archos device… Read More

  • Hands-On With The Just-Announced Archos 704-WiFi PMP

    At midnight, Archos pulled the curtain back on their feature-packed, but anything-but-pocket-friendly 704-Wifi PMP (although it’s closer in form to an UMPC than an iPod.) This 80GB, 7-inch-screener packs in WiFi Web browsing and DVR functionality with the usual music/photo/video business. We got our hands on perhaps the most feature-packed of players and took it for a spin. Read More

  • The AudioFile: Audio Quality Slip-Slides Away

    Can someone tell me why virtually nothing is happening with MP3 players in regards to actual audio quality? In fact, audio quality seems to be moving ass-backwards, giving way to non-audio features like video and wireless. Headphones have come such a long way in the last 15 years or so, and now we have dual- and triple-driver in-ear models designed specifically for use with portables. The… Read More

  • Archos 504 Video Player Now Available

    <img src=" That way, you can record shows directly onto this player and just take it with you whenever you need to go. Other features: camcorder storage connectivity, MP3/WAV/WMA playback, and photo storage. You can pick one up now for 499 Euro or $893. Product Page [Archos via dapreview] Read More

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