• DIRTT’s ICEreality puts VR to use for interior, office design

    DIRTT’s ICEreality puts VR to use for interior, office design

      A manufacturer of custom prefabricated elements to be built into offices and other work spaces, DIRTT Environmental Solutions is the latest corporation to adopt virtual reality for the enterprise, rather than entertainment. The company unveiled their ICEreality software this week at an annual construction industry trade show, NeoCon 2016, in Chicago. (Yes, tech news had the audacity… Read More

  • Gilt Groupe Founder Kevin Ryan Unveils His Latest Startup With Kontor, A Houzz For Office Design

    Gilt Groupe Founder Kevin Ryan Unveils His Latest Startup With Kontor, A Houzz For Office Design

    Serial entrepreneur Kevin Ryan has founded a number of businesses, including Gilt Groupe, Business Insider, database firm MongoDB, and wedding registry startup Zola. That experience has given him more insight than the average CEO as to what goes into designing and setting up a new office space. And today, that insider knowledge is being translated into Ryan’s latest company: a visual… Read More

  • Rotating Solar House Generates Five Times The Energy It Consumes

    What’s cooler than a rotating house? One whose solar panels produce five times the energy the house uses. That’s pretty incredible, considering that even zero-energy structures are rare. German architect Rolf Disch built the home, called Heliotrope, to follow the sun throughout the day. The structure features triple panes of thermally insulated glass to strike a balance between… Read More

  • Inverted, ocean-bound "seascrapers": aqua-communes for the future?

    You guys, I’m freaking out about how cool these things could be. A recent skyscraper concept competition yielded some really interesting designs, among them this utterly amazing concept, which they inexplicably call a “water-scraper” instead of the decidedly more euphonious “seascraper,” as I have dubbed it. Think of it: a partially self-contained structure… Read More

  • Someone needs to stop playing Shadowrun: New Orleans Arcology Habitat

    I remember dreaming about living in an arcology while I read William Gibson’s Count Zero. I planned out elaborate arcology floor plans for various aborted Shadowrun campaigns. All the while, I knew these megastructures were things of science fiction — like the flying car I always wanted — that I could dream about but never enjoy in my lifetime. I couldn’t help but… Read More

  • Ultimate staircase features built-in slide

    Some people are dreamers while others are doers. London architect Alex Michaelis is a doer. He built his dream house recently and says, “Everyone in the family was involved in the design and got to say what he or she wanted.” His kids, of course, wanted a slide next to the staircase. Read More

  • 35-story indoor ski resort planned for Long Island

    The official car of Long Island The Great Indoors? Developers out on Long Island, the fashion capital of the world, plan to build a $2 billion resort, whose crown jewel will be a 35-story ski mountain. The resort, at Riverhead, which is 75 miles east of New York City (about an 18-hour drive on the LIE), isn’t expected to be open until 2013. Naturally, environmentalists oppose the… Read More

  • 15 real world Blade Runner buildings

    Blade Runner, the just-OK movie we’ve been led to believe is amazing, is set in a terribly oppressive Los Angeles (redundant?), where it’s always raining and it’s always nighttime. The city’s skyscrapers, on the other hand, are brightly colored pieces of flair, whose lights illuminate the abyss around them. But enough of that fruity movie review talk. Object has… Read More