• The Wearhaus Arc Connects Headphone Wearers In Wireless Concert

    The Wearhaus Arc Connects Headphone Wearers In Wireless Concert

    Wireless headphones are fairly rare, a few current models excluded, and good wireless headphones are exceptionally rare. The guys at Wearhaus, however, have created some wireless cans that might just be the coolest things we’ve seen all week. The headphones play back music, as you would expect, and connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth phone. There is a built-in battery and a ring of… Read More

  • The Microsoft Arc keyboard is now available in a pleasant white/lime theme

    Fun fact: I’m typing this post on the black Microsoft Arc keyboard! I just bought the black version from Best Buy and like it good enough. But maybe black isn’t your thing. Or you gave up shopping at Best Buy which was previously the Arc keyboard’s exclusive retailer. Well then, I have good news, friends. Amazon will soon offer the Arc keyboard in a white and lime. Read More

  • THQ CEO says Sony's motion controller is actually named Arc, not Gem

    Last time we heard, Sony’s motion controller was named Gem. That was according to EA’s CEO, John Riccitiello, back in early December. But THQ’s head man said today in an investor call that it’s named Arc. Either way it still seems like a novelty Wii Remote controller knock-off to us. Pass. (unless there’s a killer game and then we’ll jump on the… Read More

  • Microsoft ‘Arc’ mouse looks portable, yet not too small

    For all the potshots we (I) occasionally take at Microsoft, I will admit that I think the company makes pretty decent mice and keyboards. The upcoming bending and folding “Arc” mouse, for instance, looks pretty intriguing as it just may be able to straddle the thin line between portability and not-too-small-that-I-get-clawhand-from-using-it. It’s wireless, which better… Read More