Erm, Google, that’s not how you write Arabic

I’ve been learning Arabic for a couple of years, after one of my previous startups had a large-ish team of developers in Egypt. Even though I’m only a novice, I did spot something truly bi

Video e-learning platform for MENA, Almentor, closes $6.5M Series B led by Partech

There are more than 400 million Arabic speakers globally and that number isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Arabic, to most people, is a tough language even to those who speak it. According to Duo

Instagram now supports right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic

Instagram is finally rolling out native support for Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi – three popular languages that are all written right-to-left. They join 36 other languages that Instagram supports na

Skype can now translate spoken Arabic in real time

Microsoft’s Skype introduced launched its real-time translation feature out of beta about half a year ago and today it is adding Arabic — and more specifically, Modern Standard Arabic &#82

Google Adds Arabizi/Arabic Translation To Its Input Tools Language Support

<a target="_blank" href="">Google</a>, along with the rest of the Internet, may be partly responsible for how ubiquitous English has become, but Google is also trying to counterba

Urdu, Arabic, whatever: It's all the same to Infinity Ward in Modern Warfare 2

<img src="" />You would have been foolish to assume that <a HREF=""><i>Modern Warfare 2</