Arab Spring

Inside Parlio: Egyptian Activist Wael Ghonim’s New Platform For Social Change

Wael Ghonim is an activist who helped spark the Egyptian Revolution, a wave of protests and demonstrations in Egypt that were part of the Arab Spring, and which helped overthrow the long-reigning E

After Revolution 2.0

Remember 2011? The Arab Spring, a.k.a. "Revolution 2.0"? Four governments were overthrown, and the stage was set for further social-media-fuelled protests: Brazil. Ukraine. Turkey. It seems awfully ap

As The Arab Spring Turns To Fall, A Lingering Hope For Peace Through Tech

Two decades after he served as the chief negotiator for peace talks between the then Yasser Arafat-led Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel under Yitzhak Rabin, Uri Savir remains ever optimist

Confessions Of A Tunisian Hacktivist

<em><strong>Editor's note:</strong> </em><span style="font-family:tahoma,sans-serif;"><em>C</em>ontributor Mouna El Mokhtari is a French journalist and editor in chief of <a href="http://www.webdorado