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Apple reportedly slashes Vision Pro production, pushes back cheaper model

What would success look like for the Vision Pro? It’s still an open question — or, perhaps, a series of interrelated questions. First is how many Apple expects to sell, and what industry analy

Apple’s Vision Pro headset seems too good to be real — because it basically is

Apple unveiled its new Vision Pro augmented reality headset today during its annual WWDC keynote, along with visionOS, the operating system that’ll power it. The hardware looked extremely impres

A closer look at Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro headset

There are books left to be written of the good and bad of Apple’s leap into the world of augmented reality hardware. We’ll no doubt still be gathering our thoughts for some time, but one t

Magic Leap’s headset will go on sale at a few AT&T stores next week

While Magic Leap’s first augmented reality headset launch wasn’t the earth-shattering drop they had sort of pitched the world on, the company is about to see a major corporate partnership

Microsoft video teases HoloLens 2 ahead of MWC launch

One of Mobile World Congress’s most anticipated reveals isn’t a phone at all. Microsoft is expected to announce the next generation HoloLens headset at an already announced event on February 24, a

Magic Leap expands shipments of its AR headset to 48 US states

If you are dying to get your hands on some crazy Magic Leap hardware, you have some much better options as of today. At the company’s first developer conference, Magic Leap announced they are op