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Xiaomi unveils lightweight AR glasses with ‘retina-level’ display

While the chatter around the metaverse has slowed down, both social media companies and phone manufacturers have been experimenting with tech that could lead to commercial AR glasses. At the Mobile Wo

Lumus shows off its tech in AR glasses that don’t look too dorky

AR tech sounds pretty cool, but nobody wants to be a glasshole. Today at CES, we checked out Lumus‘ bid to make AR glasses a little bit less cringe. The company creates technology that makes it

Google really doesn’t want its Glass successor to piss you off

From Project Ara to Wave, Google has a rich history of bailing on neat ideas when the going gets tough. Yet unlike those forgone experiments, augmented-reality glasses apparently aren’t doomed t

Meta is reportedly scaling back plans for its AR glasses, pivoting away from marketing Portal as a consumer device

Meta is scaling back its plans for its augmented reality (AR) glasses and is pivoting its Portal smart display device away from the consumer market, according to a new report from The Information. The

Beem, an app that lets you livestream yourself in AR, raises $4 million

What’s the next step beyond Zoom calls and FaceTime? How about beaming yourself from one device to another in real time using augmented reality? That’s the premise behind a startup called