Step aside NFTs, Aqua thinks modern investors should dive into private equity

Alternative assets, from bottles of fine wine to non-fungible tokens to even fractional shares of physical art, are becoming a mainstream form of modern investing. As consumers diversify their portfol

Aqua Security raises $135M at a $1B valuation for its cloud native security platform

Aqua Security, a Boston- and Tel Aviv-based security startup that focuses squarely on securing cloud-native services, today announced that it has raised a $135 million Series E funding round at a $1 b

Homestar Aqua: Sega Toys rolls out new planetarium for your bathroom (video)

<img src="" /> Sega Toys' series of planetarium projection systems for home use, the so-called <a href="

AQUA: Sanyo develops super-efficient washing machine

<img src="" /> In Japan, Sanyo is not only known as a maker of home electronics and eneloop, rechargeable batteries, but also as a m

Apple may well debut new user interface with Snow Leopard

<img src="" />Apple may, just may, unveil Marble at this year's WWDC, which may, just may, be in June. Marble is thought to be the c

Aquaish Version of OpenOffice is Released for OS X

Who hates Microsoft Office? Google Docs not getting the job done for you? Well, Mac users are in luck because OpenOffice has released an alpha version for OS X that runs outside of X11. OMFG!!! Keep i