• Homestar Aqua: Sega Toys rolls out new planetarium for your bathroom (video)

    Sega Toys’ series of planetarium projection systems for home use, the so-called Homestars, is getting another update. The company has announced [JP, PDF] the so-called Homestar Aqua for the Japanese market (everyone living outside this country can pre-order the Aqua here). This version is smaller and can, as the name suggests, be used in the bathroom (it’s water-resistant). And… Read More

  • AQUA: Sanyo develops super-efficient washing machine

    In Japan, Sanyo is not only known as a maker of home electronics and eneloop, rechargeable batteries, but also as a maker of home appliances. Their Aqua AWD-AQ4000, which will go on sale in Nippon only on June 1 [JP], is the fourth in a series of washing machines that feature a built-in ozone generator to deodorize and disinfect laundry. Read More

  • Apple may well debut new user interface with Snow Leopard

    Apple may, just may, unveil Marble at this year’s WWDC, which may, just may, be in June. Marble is thought to be the code-name for a new user interface that may, just may, debut with Snow Leopard, the next version of Mac OS X. Read More

  • Aquaish Version of OpenOffice is Released for OS X

    Who hates Microsoft Office? Google Docs not getting the job done for you? Well, Mac users are in luck because OpenOffice has released an alpha version for OS X that runs outside of X11. OMFG!!! Keep in mind that this is an “alpha” version, so a handful of functions are missing such as printing, PDF export and copy/paste. Be warned: THIS SOFTWARE MAY CRASH AND MAY DESTROY YOUR DATA… Read More