This Week in Apps: Bumble’s IPO, Google’s missing privacy labels, a developer crusades against scams

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry is as hot as ever, with a

Apple digs in heels over its App Store commission structure with release of new study

Apple today is again taking to the press to fight back against claims of anti-competitive practices on its App Store. Last month, the company detailed the results of a commissioned study that showed h

Amazon debuts a new Appstore app with better discovery, focus on Amazon Coins

Amazon's Kindle app isn't the only mobile app from the company getting a makeover today. Amazon has also now quietly introduced a new version of its Appstore app for Fire TV, Fire tablets and Android

Amazon is shutting down its ‘Underground Actually Free’ program that gives away free Android apps

Amazon announced it will be shutting down its "Underground Actually Free" program, which offers customers free versions of Android apps that would typically cost money, including those that relied on

Amazon will refund millions of unauthorized in-app purchases made by kids

Amazon will refund millions of unauthorized in-app purchases kids made on mobile devices, having now dropped its appeal of last year’s ruling by a federal judge who sided with the Federal Trad

Amazon Moves Appstore VP To Alexa’s App Store, Readies Echo Super Bowl Ad

Amazon is clearly doubling down on its Alexa-powered connected speaker Echo, and the Alexa ecosystem as a whole – and not just because it’s now shelling out the big bucks to advertise the

Amazon’s New Ad Platform Lets App Developers Target Both Android And Fire Users

Amazon announced this morning the launch of a new advertising platform for mobile app developers who distribute their Android apps by way of Amazon’s Appstore or even Google Play. Called “

Ahead Of Smartphone Launch, Amazon Announces Its Appstore Has Tripled Year-Over-Year To 240,000 Apps

Ahead of a press conference this week where Amazon is expected to introduce its first-ever Amazon smartphone, the company is making a point to call out how much its mobile app ecosystem has grown in r

Pebble Appstore Comes To Android, Alongside New Partner Apps From eBay, Evernote And TWC

Smartwatch maker Pebble has finally released its full version 2.0 app for Android devices, following a public beta originally brought the software and the Pebble Appstore to smartphones using Google&#

Pebble Launches Its Appstore For iOS, Android Version Coming Soon

Pebble started shipping its new Pebble Steel hardware last week, but until today, the version of the companion app available to the general public didn’t contain any of the version 2.0 goodness

Amazon Appstore Now Allows Developers To Charge For HTML5 Web Apps, Promote Them Through “Free App Of The Day”

Amazon is announcing a change to its Appstore today, which will now allow developers building HTML5 (web-based) applications to price those apps to sell, just the same as their natively coded counterp

Pebble’s Official Appstore Coming “Early 2014,” Will Be Built Into Android And iOS Pebble Apps

Pebble is finally getting around to creating an official app marketplace for software devs build for its platform. The Pebble Appstore, as it will be known, is going to debut sometime early next year

Amazon Launches App Engagement Reports, Allowing Appstore Developers To Track App Usage & Revenue

Continuing to grow its suite of services aimed at mobile app developers, Amazon today announced App Engagement Reports, free app usage reports that are now a part of the company's <a target="_blank" h

Amazon Takes Kindle Fire HD Tablets To 170 Countries As It Ramps Up Its Appstore To Nearly 200 Markets

No, we still don't have any word from <a target="_blank" href="">Amazon</a> on where it stands with a smartphone, but it's definitely making its mobile ambitions clear anyway. To

Amazon’s Carrier Billing Deal With Bango To Kick In This Year – Changes For The Appstore And Amazon Ahead?

<a target="_blank" href="">Amazon</a> has yet to turn on any services on the back of a <a target="_blank" href="

Apple And Amazon Ordered To Talk Settlement In “App Store” Trademark Dispute

Apple and Amazon are fighting over made up words, as you may well be aware. Apple takes issue with Amazon's use of "Appstore," the name for the online retailer's marketplace of Android software, which

Amazon Talks Up Android Appstore Growth Ahead Of New Kindle Fire Announcement

And Amazon’s pre-announcement <a href="">PR onslaught</a> continues. While the recent <a href="https://tec

Another Step For Kindle Fire Abroad? Amazon Opens International Appstore Portal, Improves Distribution Terms

Good news for those of you who live outside the U.S. and have been waiting for Amazon to take more of its mobile products outside its home market. Amazon today <a target="_blank" href="http://phx.corp

Amazon Stays Quiet As Their Appstore Goes International

Amazon's self-run Appstore has always been a great place to pick up great Android apps on the cheap, but it came with one caveat: ever since its launch <a href="

Watch Out Amazon: GetJar Launches A Full Catalog Of Premium Android Apps For Free

Today, third-party mobile application store <a href="">GetJar</a> is publicly launching its <a href="">GetJar Gold</a> service, which has been in beta t
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