KZen raises $4 million to bring sanity to crypto wallets

KZen, a company run by former TC editor Ouriel Ohayon, has raised $4 million in seed to build a “better wallet,” obviously the elusive Holy Grail in the crypto world. Benson Oak Ventures,

With New Ad Publishers On Board, Appsfire Becomes A Solid Alternative Mobile Advertising Network

Advertising technology startup Appsfire provides some of the best interactive advertising formats on mobile devices. Yet, on mobile, Facebook, Google and now Twitter seem to be the overwhelmingly domi

Appsfire Launches ‘Brichter-San’, A Native Pull-To-Refresh Ad Unit

Advertising tech company Appsfire is rolling out a new ad unit again! This time, it’s called Brichter-San, and it’s all about taking advantage of the load time when you pull to refresh. Th

Appsfire Launches ‘Sashimi’, A New Native Mobile Ad Unit For Timelines

Advertising tech company Appsfire is rolling out a new ad unit, Sashimi. Like its previous units, the company is experimenting with native ads on mobile. Sashimi is very reminiscent of Facebook or Twi

Appsfire’s First Ad Unit ‘Ura Maki’ Is iAd Done Right

Last week, app discovery startup Appsfire surprised everyone by removing its apps from the App Store to focus entirely on native advertising on mobile. The first iOS ad unit is here — Ura Maki i

Appsfire Exits The App Discovery Business To Focus On Mobile Advertising, Native Ads

It's tough to compete with the Apple App Store. <a target="_blank" href="">Appsfire</a>, which has been in the app discovery business since its founding in 2009, is pulling all

With New Developer Toolkit, Appsfire Wants To Kill “Crappy Banner Ads” On Mobile

<a target="_blank" href="">Appsfire</a>, the makers of a suite of tools for mobile app developers acquire users, keep them engaged, and manage their advertising, has today released

Appsfire 4.0 Combines Discovery And Deals Into A Fast New Recommendation Service For Apps

App discovery service <a target="_blank" href="">Appsfire</a> received a major makeover today, debuting a new app which now combines app discovery and recommendation with deals. P

Study: The Top Words Used In Mobile App Titles On iOS

Wondering about which words are the most commonly used in mobile app titles? So was <a target="_blank" href="">Appsfire</a>, apparently. The company just shot us over the results o

Want An In-App Notification Center? There’s A SDK For That

Today, mobile promotion and discovery service AppsFire is launching a new toolkit for developers called <a href="">App Booster</a>. Meant to boost user engagement and ret

Appsfire To Amazon: Your Kindle Fire Logo Looks Mighty Familiar

Hey <a href="">Amazon</a>, <a href="">Appsfire</a> wants to have a chat about your logo for the <a href="

Yahoo Tries Its Hand At Mobile App Search

<img src=""> If apps replace the mobile web, and along with it, traditional search, then the search engines need to figure out how to adap

With 2 Million Downloads Under Its Belt, Appsfire Raises $3.6 Million Series A

<img src=""> There are literally hundreds of thousands of iPhone, iPad and Android apps to choose from, and yet finding good apps is far f

On iOS Devices, Native Apps Trump Web Apps (Infographic)

<img src="" /> <a href="">Appsfire</a>, one of the leading <a href="http://appsfire.c

Appsfire Friends Facebook, Generates 1.5 Million Clicks To The App Store Per Month

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Mobile applications discovery and sharing service provider <a href="

Appstream released "just to get a reaction from Apple", proves a surprise hit

<img class="shot" title="4807326001_0975254041" src="" alt="" width="188" height="153" /><a href="

Appstream Released "Just To Get A Reaction From Apple", Proves A Surprise Hit

<img class="shot" title="4807326001_0975254041" src="" alt="" width="188" height="153" /><a href="

Appsfire Introduces Live Rankings For iPhone Apps, Scores More Cash

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Mobile applications discovery and sharing service provider <a href="

Appsfire Pulls Out Of iPhone App Store After 2 Month Wait

<img src="" class="shot2" />Apple's iPhone app store approval process is famed for its <a href="https://tec

Appsfire Launches New Website, iPhone App For Much Improved App Discovery

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Appsfire</a>, the startup behind the eponymous <a href="https://tech
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