• Google (Temporarily) Blocks AppNexus From Its Ad Exchange

    There was a big shakeup in the online advertising world last weekend: Google cut off AppNexus from its ad exchange, forcing the startup to direct its clients to purchase ad inventory directly from Google. The move comes only a few weeks after AppNexus raised a huge $50 million round, which included a big chunk from Microsoft. And the timing couldn’t be worse for AppNexus — because… Read More

  • AppNexus Raises A Meaty $50 Million Series C For Realtime Ad Bidding Platform

    Realtime ad bidding network AppNexus today announced that it raised $50 million in a Series C financing. Investors include Microsoft, Venrock, Kodiak Venture Partners and First Round Capital. The round brings the total capital raised by AppNexus since its founding to $65.5 million. The company first raised an angel round in 2007 from Ron Conway, Marc Andreesen, Ben Horowitz, Khosla… Read More

  • What's Next In Online Advertising? Find Out At Disrupt.

    What's Next In Online Advertising? Find Out At Disrupt.

    Now that Apple has rolled out its very own mobile app advertising program, iAd –hey, better name than iPad, at least –and Verizon is making a rival tablet, the advertising industry is poised for disruption. Whoever can best use geo-local data to deliver realtime relevancy will make advertisers very happy. Ads will get more interesting and interactive on elegant devices. And… Read More