Alchemy launches tool that allows devs to start building dApps within 4 minutes

Alchemy, a web3 development platform, is releasing a new tool to help developers create web3 applications faster, the company exclusively told TechCrunch. The tool, “create-web3-dapp,” will help b

Styra, the startup behind Open Policy Agent, nabs $40M to expand its cloud-native authorization tools

As cloud-native apps continue to become increasingly central to how organizations operate, a startup founded by the creators of a popular open-source tool to manage authorization for cloud-native appl Launches App Store Prediction Tool, Tells Developers Which Keywords Work

Warsaw-based, three-person startup <a href=""></a> just released new <a href="">tools</a> that will appeal to mobile app developers, both of

Incentivized Installs Not All Bad, Says New Study…But Consider The Source

Mobile users acquired through "incentivized" installs can be valuable, according to a new study, if managed properly. The term refers to users who download a mobile application in exchange for somethi

Mobile App Users Are Both Fickle And Loyal: Study

<img src="" />A study released by Massachusetts-based application analytics firm <a href="">Localytics</a> toda

Palm pays developers to create applications

<img src="" />Palm certainly has been working on getting their app store populated. They kicked off a promotion back in February,

DIY: Control your Hexapod robot with your iPhone

[youtube] Check out this custom made iPhone app that robotics student Robert Stephenson created. Robert wrote this app to

Allmyapps updates its iTunes-for-apps, we have beta invites

<img class="shot" title="allmyapps logo" src="" alt="" width="300" height="83" />[France] I first learned of <a title="Allmyap

Phoenix Freeze logs you off when you walk away from your PC

<img src="" alt="freeze" />If you've never worked in an office where an unsuspecting co-worker gets an e-mail sent out on his or her behalf a

Myspace for BlackBerry gets updated to v1.5

Not looking the soon-to-be-released Facebook for BlackBerry v1.5 get all the glory, Myspace has gone and loosed v1.5 of their own application. Our BlackBerry handset is giving us all sorts of trouble

MIT students build mobile applications in 13 weeks

MIT professor Hal Abelson started today’s final presentation for the school’s “Building Mobile Applications” class by saying, “A course like this couldn’t have existed ten years ago… may

RIM makes the BlackBerry Application Center official

A few weeks back, a sneak peek of a still-in-the-works BlackBerry App Center made its way out. Now RIM’s gone and given it the official treatment by way of press release. Unfortunately, there&#8

Right before launch, Google strips down the App Market for a bit of polish

Yesterday morning, a sizable chunk of the T-Mobile G1 pre-orders showed up prior to their expected arrival date of October 22nd. Filled with new-toy glee, the new Android users tore their boxes open,

The BlackBerry Application Center is RIM's answer to the iPhone App Store

You’re looking at the BlackBerry Application Center, RIM’s answer to Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market. Same basic concept as the other two—you browse and buy

PhoneSaber returns to the App Store as Lightsaber Unleashed

After disappearing off the app store for just over a month following an amicable take down request by THQ Wireless/LucasArts, the iPhone lightsaber simulator PhoneSaber has returned. Its got a new nam

NetNewsWire iPhone app usage stats released

This morning, NewsGator released a small batch of usage statistics for the free iPhone RSS aggregator NetNewsWire, a port of the OS X application of the same name. According to the blog post by Josh L

Video released demonstrating Google-powered Android apps

[youtube] Just in time to ride the tide of excitement from today’s G1 announcement, Google has released a video detailing all of t

XBMC rolls into Beta for OS X, Windows, and Linux

We’ve touched on it before, but to recap: Back in the day when modding your Xbox was a criterion of geekdom, Xbox Media Center was king. Pictures, videos, file streaming, skinning, application l

Bakelite rotary style iPhone dial, the epitome of functionality

So, you’ve got a snazzy new iPhone. You like it alright, but wouldn’t it be better if Apple had just made dialing a number on the touchscreen really, really difficult? Don’t worry &#

OpenClip framework brings cross-application copy/paste to iPhone

Not too long ago, Proximi gave iPhone users a glimpse of how copy and paste could work on their handsets with the release of MagicPad. Unfortunately, the copy and paste functionality only went as far
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