With a plan to decarbonize heating systems with hydrogen, Modern Electron raises $30M

A huge amount of energy use on our planet goes toward creating heat, and not only that, but a large amount of that energy is wasted and byproducts like CO2 blasted into the atmosphere. Modern Electron

Revolution Cooking’s R180 Smart Toaster delivers smarter, faster toasting — for a price

A lot of the past decade in smart home gadgets has been figuring out just how smart we actually want our appliances to be. In a lot of cases when it comes to cooking, the old ways are best, and smart

Diamanti emerges from stealth with appliance to modernize operations in containerized world

Diamanti, a startup aimed at solving the problems around balancing networking and storage requirements in the age of containers, emerged from stealth today with a new appliance and $12.5 million in Se Brings Its Price Comparisons To iPad; Reveals Plans To Expand To Household Goods & Cars

Smart shopping service <a href=""></a>, which started off with a focus on consumer electronics before <a href="

Video Of The Most Powerful Oven Computer: Gorenje iChef+

<img src="" />Check out this hands-on video of the new iChef+ oven touch control system from Gorenje. Gorenj

Screw cooking with gas, I wanna cook with lasers

<img src="" />When appliance heavyweight Electrolux has a design contest, you know there's going to be some cra

In-wall coffeemaker from Siemens: functional but seems drastic

<img src="" />As a Seattle resident, I can confirm that people here <em>do </em>love coffee. But I see remarkably few pe

Never need quarters for the laundromat again!

<img src="" />If you're looking for a greener solution for washing your clothes, or you want to be able to wash them in your home but

Silent washer/dryer, low-flow toilet, and a heat pump

Here are a few more strange and wonderful inventions from the Far East – this time from the Panasonic Center in Osaka, Japan. First up is a dead-ass silent washer/dryer combo, which I thought was pr

The Futurist: Making Products Better or… CrunchGear Original Concept Designs

We live in an ergonomically-challenged world. It really is amazing how much our appliances and gadgets rely on archaic designs that are almost senselessly stress-inducing So we got to thinking—what