• Diamanti emerges from stealth with appliance to modernize operations in containerized world

    Diamanti emerges from stealth with appliance to modernize operations in containerized world

    Diamanti, a startup aimed at solving the problems around balancing networking and storage requirements in the age of containers, emerged from stealth today with a new appliance and $12.5 million in Series A funding from a prestigious list of investors. Perhaps those investors — Charles River Ventures, DFJ Venture, GSR Ventures, and Goldman Sachs — liked the pedigree of the… Read More

  • Brings Its Price Comparisons To iPad; Reveals Plans To Expand To Household Goods & Cars Brings Its Price Comparisons To iPad; Reveals Plans To Expand To Household Goods & Cars

    Smart shopping service, which started off with a focus on consumer electronics before its recent addition of home appliances, is a unique player in the comparison shopping market. The service doesn’t just return prices and reviews, it actually tells whether to buy or wait to buy a given product by analyzing market conditions, trends, news, product release history, and more. Read More

  • Video Of The Most Powerful Oven Computer: Gorenje iChef+

    Check out this hands-on video of the new iChef+ oven touch control system from Gorenje. Gorenje is a built-in appliances brand that is meant for the exclusive crowd; one who’s butler will likely appreciate. The large touchscreen allows Jeeves to select different cooking functions just by sliding a finger across the surface. It’s said that the iChef+ oven has the most powerful… Read More

  • Screw cooking with gas, I wanna cook with lasers

    When appliance heavyweight Electrolux has a design contest, you know there’s going to be some crazy stuff coming out it. This year is no exception, as designer Ludovic Peperstraete has come up with his “Cooking in the Futur” design, which suggests that 90 years from now we’ll be using laser beams to cook food instead of gas or convection ovens. Do you hear me? Read More

  • In-wall coffeemaker from Siemens: functional but seems drastic

    As a Seattle resident, I can confirm that people here do love coffee. But I see remarkably few people with modern espresso machines in their homes. A drip machine here, a Melitta there, and very occasionally (mainly in my apartment) a stovetop espresso maker. Still, I don’t think anyone would object to having this attractive coffee station embedded in their wall. Perhaps in the bedroom? Read More

  • Never need quarters for the laundromat again!

    If you’re looking for a greener solution for washing your clothes, or you want to be able to wash them in your home but don’t have a ton of space, there might be a solution out there after all. Enter the Wonder Wash, a portable, inexpensive, and fairly green alternative to the coin fed beasts at the corner laundromat. Read More

  • Silent washer/dryer, low-flow toilet, and a heat pump

    Here are a few more strange and wonderful inventions from the Far East – this time from the Panasonic Center in Osaka, Japan. First up is a dead-ass silent washer/dryer combo, which I thought was pretty amazing. It’s a washer and dryer in the same unit, so you can pile all of your unmentionables inside, then set it and forget it. When it’s all done, your clothes will have… Read More

  • The Futurist: Making Products Better or… CrunchGear Original Concept Designs

    We live in an ergonomically-challenged world. It really is amazing how much our appliances and gadgets rely on archaic designs that are almost senselessly stress-inducing So we got to thinking—what are some simple ways we could improve the appliances around us to be more people-friendly? So I called up the best product design expert I know: human factors design consultant Eric Porges… Read More