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As the smartphone wars reheat, the threat of chilling innovation looms

Bill Gates recently penned an open letter to the 2016 presidential candidates, imploring them to support something he hopes “every candidate will agree on in November: America’s unparalleled capac

Another Legal Blow For Apple As Dutch Court Concurs With U.K. Ruling That Samsung Galaxy Tablets Do Not Infringe iPad’s Design

Apple's courtroom skirmishes against its Android OEM enemy number one Samsung have not been going very well of late, despite Cupertino's big $1bn+ damages win against Samsung last summer. Today anothe

Past Unlawful Injunctions Shouldn’t Cloud Samsung Galaxy S III’s Future

<b>Editor's note: </b><em>Brian J. Love is an assistant professor of law at <a target="_blank" href="">Santa Clara University School of Law</a>, where

Apple And Samsung Bring Their Marketing Strategies To Court

Apple and Samsung are presenting their closing arguments today in one of the biggest U.S. tech trials in history. As the ball heads over to the jury's court, it has become painfully obvious over this