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TechCrunch Minute: Where the Apple Vision Pro stands now that the launch day hype has dropped off

A few months after its launch, how is Apple’s Vision Pro faring? The company’s ambitious bet on computers that nestle on your face instead of sit on your desk made a huge splash when it wa

Apple Vision Pro’s Persona feature gets collaborative

Much like the headset for which they were designed, Apple’s Personas are very much a work in progress. The original version of the beta avatars were — is “nightmarish” too strong a word? A sub

Apple’s Vision Pro is here: These are some of the most exciting indie apps and games

With the Vision Pro finally available, many consumers are curious about Apple’s AR/VR headset and the apps that come with it. While some are from companies you recognize — Disney+, Max, TikTok

Hey, it’s me, Brian’s less creepy Apple Vision Pro Persona

Hey. Sorry to call you out of the blue. No, no, nothing serious. I’m fine. I wanted to apologize for freaking you out last time. I wasn’t myself. But I’ve changed. Honestly, I don’t even know

Apple is rolling out VisionOS 1.1 with improved personas

Apple released VisionOS 1.1 on Thursday with the most notable feature being improved personas of users. Specifically, the new update improves hair and makeup appearance, neck and mouth representation,

Splitscreen brings a multimonitor setup to Apple’s Vision Pro

Out of the box, Apple’s Vision Pro doubles as a 4K Mac virtual display, allowing you to extend an existing Mac desktop to the device’s spatial computing environment. A new app called Split

I read comics on Apple’s Vision Pro . . . It was fine

Few joys in this cold world can match cracking open a new comic on a lazy Sunday morning. Nothing to do, nowhere to be — just you, a mug of coffee and some sequential art. Not much has fundamentally

VR sickness happens. Here’s how to avoid and treat it.

Over the past week, a number of people have reported returning their Vision Pros for a number of reasons, including issues around headset comfort and sickness. Returns are par for the course with any

TikTok launches a ‘reimagined’ app for the Apple Vision Pro

TikTok has launched a native and “reimagined” app on the Apple Vision Pro, the company announced on Thursday. The Vision Pro launched on February 2 and already has over 1,000 apps specific

Apple’s Vision Pro now has over 1,000 apps specifically designed for the new device

Mark Zuckerberg may be laughing off the competition in the AR/VR headset market, but Apple’s Vision Pro is gaining traction — with developers, at least. On Tuesday, Apple senior vice presi

Surprise! Mark Zuckerberg thinks Quest 3 is better than Vision Pro

Mark Zuckerberg tried Apple’s Vision Pro headset and his verdict is that the Meta Quest 3 is a better product. Shocking, right? In a video posted on his Instagram account, recorded with Quest 3&

Over half of Vision Pro-only apps are paid downloads, far more than wider iOS App Store

Apple’s Vision Pro offers consumers a new way to interact with apps via spatial computing, but it also offers app developers a way to generate revenue without subscriptions. According to a recen

Apple eyes business as a prime market for the Apple Vision Pro

Over the years, AR and VR have failed to take hold in business at scale. Apple hopes to change that with the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple brings enterprise device management to the Vision Pro

It’s been hard to avoid news about the Apple Vision Pro, the company’s entry into the virtual reality market, in recent days. It was officially released on Friday to much fanfare, but how will it

Apple Vision Pro review: The infinite desktop

In 2000, Paradox Press published “Reinventing Comics: How Imagination and Technology Are Revolutionizing an Art Form.” The book was Scott McCloud’s follow-up to his seminal 1993 work, &#

Apple Vision Pro: Here are the first apps you should download

Apple releases its ambitious Vision Pro headset to consumers today, February 2. There are over 600 apps and games currently available on the visionOS store, with more to come. Although Netflix and Yo

Apple Vision Pro: How to buy or test out the $3,500 headset

The much-hyped Apple Vision Pro headset has begun arriving for those who preordered it, or is available for a test drive for those wanting to give it an in-person demo. Billed as the future of spatial

YouTube is not building a Vision Pro app, so Apollo for Reddit dev made one

Apple’s Vision Pro headset is set to release for consumers today, but YouTube is not currently building a dedicated app for the device. To fill that void, Christian Selig, the developer who mad

Apple Vision Pro: Day Two

Last night, I fell asleep under the stars, the chirp of crickets intermingling with the old radiator’s whistle off in the distance. I just finished an episode of Justified: City Primeval on the big

Apple Vision Pro: Here’s everything you need to know

At its WWDC 2023 conference, Apple took the wraps off the Vision Pro, its long-rumored augmented reality (AR) headset. The Vision Pro is one of Apple’s most ambitious products to date — on
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