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Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro will capture 3D ‘spatial videos’ for the Apple Vision Pro

Apple announced today it has a new iPhone feature that will tie into its brand-new mixed-reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. With the newly announced iPhone 15 Pro, you’ll now be able to capt

Unity’s Apple Vision Pro game development tool opens in beta

Unity this morning announced that it has opened the beta version of its development platform for visionOS. PolySpatial, which was announced in conjunction with Vision Pro headset at WWDC, is designed

TechCrunch+ roundup: OKR basics, betting on Apple Vision Pro, why smooth onboarding is bad

Will the Apple Vision Pro create new opportunities in spatial computing? Jump-starting demand for a new product is hard. Unless you're Apple.

Putting the ‘Pro’ in Apple Vision Pro and other TC news

At WWDC this week, Apple revealed its new Vision Pro headset, a platform it described as the advent of spatial computing. The company clearly put a lot of work into building Vision Pro and visionOS, t

Apple’s Vision Pro reignites excitement in China’s XR world

Apple’s launch of Vision Pro, what it refers to as its first spatial computer, is generating a lot of buzz in China. The hashtag #Apple Vision Pro 苹果首款头显 (Apple’s first head-mo

Sorry, but Apple’s Vision Pro isn’t for you

We’ve never met. We’ve never talked. And still, I feel confident telling you that the Vision Pro isn’t for you. At the end of the day, it’s an odds game. You’re most people, and it’s there

First impressions: Yes, Apple Vision Pro works and yes, it’s good

After a roughly 30-minute demo that ran through the major features that are yet ready to test, I came away convinced that Apple has delivered nothing less than a genuine leapfrog in capability and exe

Apple Vision Pro: Here’s everything you need to know

Today at its annual WWDC 2023 conference, Apple took the wraps off the Vision Pro, its long-rumored augmented reality (AR) headset. The Vision Pro is one of Apple’s most ambitious products to da

Apple’s new headset fails to excite investors but sends shares of Unity soaring

Investors in Apple shares bid the company's stock to all-time highs ahead of WWDC. Shares of the company held up for a period before losing steam.

Apple’s Vision Pro headset seems too good to be real — because it basically is

Apple unveiled its new Vision Pro augmented reality headset today during its annual WWDC keynote, along with visionOS, the operating system that’ll power it. The hardware looked extremely impres

A closer look at Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro headset

There are books left to be written of the good and bad of Apple’s leap into the world of augmented reality hardware. We’ll no doubt still be gathering our thoughts for some time, but one t

The Apple Vision Pro features an M2 chip, a ton of sensors and a new R1 chip

Apple unveiled its augmented reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, at WWDC 2023. After showing the potential use cases for the device, the company said a bit more about the technical specifications.

The Apple Vision Pro headset will cost $3,499, out early 2024

At WWDC today, Apple unveiled its long-awaited AR headset, which consumers have been anticipating for years. But how much will the Apple Vision Pro cost? Apple Vision Pro will retail for $3,499, and i

To reduce motion sickness in VR, Apple developed the new R1 chip

At WWDC today, Apple showed off its Vision Pro VR/AR headset. The device is powered by the company’s own M2 chip, but in order to do the real-time processing from the company’s wall of sen

visionOS is Apple’s latest operating system

visionOS is the name of Apple’s newest operating system — the OS that powers the Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s soon-to-launch augmented reality headset. Unveiled at its annual WWDC confe

Disney+ will be available on the Apple Vision Pro at launch

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) today, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that Disney+ will be available on the tech giant’s new Apple Vision Pro at launch. The announcement c