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  • The coming tablet wars

    Come back with me to 2001. A young man got up on stage one afternoon in November to announce something new and amazing: an operating system dedicated to tablet computing. That young man was Microsoft’s Bill Gates and that operating system was Windows XP Tablet PC edition. Chances are that is the first and last time you saw a working tablet computer. The thinking was this: if you can… Read More

  • Rumor: Apple tablet to run full OS X 10.5? Three screen sizes, too?

    And here we have yet another Apple tablet rumor to be bandied about all the livelong day. According to Gizmodo, “a source that has always been 100% reliable” says that Apple may be working on 13- and 15-inch tablets (aside from just the rumored 10-inch one) and that one of those tablets was seen running a full-fledged version of OS X 10.5. Read More

  • The iPad Revealed: Purported screenshots of the Apple tablet OS

    Click to see it larger I’m not able to confirm or deny these shots are of anything out of Apple but our source tells us these are very early screens of something that “Steve wants,” suggesting that the iPad is more movie watching device than anything else. Read More

  • New Apple Tablet Interface Pics? Probably Not, But Who Knows.

    We just received an anonymous tip containing some supposed pictures of the interface for Apple’s forthcoming tablet computer. Are they real? Who knows. There are some peculiarities, like the keyboard jumping all over the place on the screen. And the menu system looks a little un-Apple for what is clearly a movie trailer section. Also, why is the play/pause area so transparent? I think… Read More

  • Jobs focusing on tablet – in other breaking news, the sky is blue

    I’m not sure what everyone expected Jobs to be working on, but the Wall Street Journal, ever vigilant, has ascertained that he is “pouring almost all of his attention into” the tablet. Did you think he’s been coming in every day to scrapbook? Read More

  • Yeah, we get it: The new iPods will have cameras

    First we break the news then everyone and their dog confirms it again and again and again. Yes. The new iPods will have cameras. Straight up. They will look like the old iPods, only with cameras.Case makers, inexplicably, know what’s up. Read More

  • That September Apple Tablet? More Like A 2010 Apple Tablet.

    At this point, it seems like people are just talking themselves in a circle about the rumored Apple Tablet. Everyone is so excited for it, not matter what it actually is, that they’re starting to convince themselves that it could drop as soon as next month. Rumors of that date started after an all-over-the-place report last month by the Financial Times, that seemed to suggest the tablet… Read More

  • Videos: Probably Fake Apple Tablet In Action. But Awesome.

    Simply by Apple’s law of averages, the likelihood that the following two videos are real, is very small. If someone was able to sneak out one video of the Apple Tablet in action, it’d be a miracle, but two? Now you’re just tempting fate. Still, that isn’t stopping Brian Lam of Gizmodo from wondering if there could be something to these (even though his colleague disagrees). Read More

  • Apple tablet prophesied, sales foretold by eager analysts

    Everybody’s making noise about the upcoming Apple tablet, and who can blame them? It’ll certainly be an interesting device, but the thing is that nobody really knows what it’s going to be. Flat, to be sure, and tablet-shaped in all likelihood, but beyond that it’s pretty much anybody’s guess. Analyst-at-large Gene Munster has made a list of predictions anyway… Read More

  • Someone has seen the Tapplet and is making vague statements about it

    Looks like the mythical Apple Tablet (or “Tapplet”) has been handled in prototype form. I can believe that this guy is telling the truth because he’s an old-school journalist, working for Barron’s. Not that Barron’s is some infallible and extra-dignified news source, but it’s an establishment and they have to be extremely careful about respecting… Read More

  • Apple's Tablet Is The Kindle In Technicolor (With Laser Beams)

    While there’s a lot of talk about Apple’s rumored tablet device as it relates to new initiatives from the music industry, the device is undoubtedly a lot larger in scope. The music-angle talk is mostly thanks to the Financial Times all-over-the-place first report yesterday. But a second story also released yesterday with much of the same information, clears things up a bit, and adds… Read More

  • Are Apple And The Music Labels Mixing Holiday "Cocktails" On The Tablet?

    An interesting report hit the Financial Times today, indicating that Apple is working with all of the major music labels on a way to boost album sales. But the report is confusing in a number of regards, and is propelling new rumors that Apple’s new large form iPod touch, or tablet (which itself is naturally still a rumor, though an increasingly likely one), could be rushed to be out in… Read More

  • Report: Steve Jobs Happy With Apple's Tablet, Fast Tracks It For Early 2010

    You may recall back in December, we first reported the news about Apple gearing up for the launch of a large form iPod touch. While there had been no shortage of rumors over the years about some sort of Apple tablet, our sources indicated the device would be akin to Apple’s current mobile devices, the iPhone and iPod touch, which are both seeing booming sales. A new report from… Read More

  • How Much Is That Apple Tablet Going To Cost? Not $399 Or $499.

    There are always good bits of data you can pry from Apple’s cold fingers during the Q&A sessions of its quarterly earnings conference calls. Today was no different. As usual, a question came up about Apple entering the “low-end” laptop market, which is a fancy way of saying “netbook” market. Once again, Apple COO Tim Cook reiterated Apple’s stance… Read More

  • What We Know About The Apple Tablet So Far

    More evidence of the Apple Tablet surfaced today. We first wrote about the device at the end of last year when OEMs in China started hearing about the device. Details are still thin, although probably not because of a lack of leaks. Rather, Apple may still be locking down important specs like screen size. We’d heard 7 – 9 inch screen size late last year, but today’s… Read More

  • Large Form iPod Touch To Launch in Fall '09

    We’ve got this from three independent sources close to Apple: expect a large screen iPod touch device to be released in the Fall of ’09, with a 7 or 9 inch screen. Prototypes have been seen and handled by one of our sources, and Apple is talking to OEMs in Asia now about mass production. Apple has been experimenting internally with large form tablet devices for years, one source… Read More

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