Apple II

The engineering daring that led to the first Chinese personal computer

China is one of the world’s wealthiest digital economies today, with a hardware supply chain that is unrivaled and a panoply of prominent and massively profitable companies like Alibaba, Tencent and

Watch This Happy, Happy Man Refurbish An Old Apple II

This charming man, <a target="_blank" href="">Todd Harrison</a>, bought a used Apple II and some dri

Happy Birthday, Apple II

The Apple II personal computer is 35 years old today, a bit of news that I'm sure is either making you feel wildly old or gives you an odd rush of steampunk retro-nostalgia. The computer, launched on

Comparing The New iMac Keyboard To The Oldies

Good ol’ Vince gave the new iMac keyboard a qualified thumbs up last week, and, silly you, you may be wondering how the keyboard compares to other, older Apple keyboards. Of course you do. Well