Apple II

  • Watch This Happy, Happy Man Refurbish An Old Apple II

    Watch This Happy, Happy Man Refurbish An Old Apple II

    This charming man, Todd Harrison, bought a used Apple II and some drives from Ebay and did what any self-respecting geek would do: he gave them the attention and respect they deserved, cleaning all the parts and getting it ready to run some BASIC again. The machines were in pretty rough shape. He powered the CPU on and it seemed to fry a little and as he dug through the box he found… Read More

  • Happy Birthday, Apple II

    Happy Birthday, Apple II

    The Apple II personal computer is 35 years old today, a bit of news that I’m sure is either making you feel wildly old or gives you an odd rush of steampunk retro-nostalgia. The computer, launched on April 16 and 17th at the 1977 West Coast Computer Faire, went on to become the definitive machine for primary and high schools everywhere and whose wonky screen and clacky keys brought… Read More

  • Comparing The New iMac Keyboard To The Oldies

    Good ol’ Vince gave the new iMac keyboard a qualified thumbs up last week, and, silly you, you may be wondering how the keyboard compares to other, older Apple keyboards. Of course you do. Well one guy posted just such a gallery, showing us how the new hotness compares to some of the old clunkers. Nostalgia, full speed ahead. Read More