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Foxconn Chief Confirms The Apple iTV

In an interview published by China Daily today, Terry Gou, chairman of Foxconn, confirms the massive manufacturing company is making preparations for an Apple television set called iTV. Gou also state

Watch Out, Best Buy, Ikea Will Soon Sell Their Own HDTV System And It’s Awesome

Ikea is entering a brave new world: home entertainment systems. The company unveiled its UPPLEVA line today with a smart YouTube ad (embedded after the jump). The video spot quickly explains that the

Tim Cook: Apple TV IS Still A Hobby, But I Couldn’t Live Without It

Apple TV is still a hobby. The word comes from Apple's Chief, Tim Cook who nevertheless championed the company's current offering. He stated that Apple sold more than 2.8 million Apple TV units last f

Report: The New Apple TV Is Selling Well, Analyst Puts Total Sales Just Under 2 Million In 7 Months

Apple’s secret quest for living room domination is off to a good start, that is if an analyst’s report is to believed. Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities surveyed Apple supplies and found

Apple Job Posting Asks For TV Power Supply Engineer, Apple HDTV In The Works?

<img src="">The fabled <a href="">Apple HDTV</a> might actually be coming. Of course if it w

Dreaming About An Apple HDTV? Try These Alternatives Right Now

<img src="">People clearly want Apple to make an HDTV. Read <a href="

Will Apple Produce An HDTV In 2-4 Years? No Way

<img src="" alt="" width="300" height="300" /></a>It can be argued that Apple eventually dominates in every consumer electronic marke