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  • With 17M Registered Users, Tango Is Growing Twice As Fast As Skype Did Its First Year

    Back in Skype’s early days, it was adding users so fast that it liked to boast that it was “the fastest growing, globally available communications tool in history.” Well, by at least one measure (registered users 9 months after launch), mobile video chat service Tango is outpacing Skype. Tango now has 17 million registered users across both Apple and Android devices, only… Read More

  • Apple Now Owns (But Still Doesn't Own

    Apple Now Owns (But Still Doesn't Own

    When Apple first announced its video calling application FaceTime on June 7, 2010 at the WWDC event, in conjunction with the iPhone 4, it quickly became apparent that there was a potential trademark conflict with a company called FaceTime Communications. But Apple struck a deal with the company to transfer said trademark over to them, and FaceTime Communications subsequently changed its… Read More