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iPad Sees First Ever Yearly Decline With 14.6M Units Sold In Q3, iPhone Remains Strong With 30M Units Sold & 20% YOY Growth

Apple today released its Q3 2013 earnings report, announcing 31 million iPhones sold in the three-month period ending June, along with 14.6 million iPad units sold. Both the iPhone and iPad sales are

Why Did $AAPL Stock Go Down After Beating Earnings Estimates And $AMZN Stock Go Up After Missing?

The moves in different directions for Amazon and Apple have been about expectations and guidance. Wall Street has higher expectations for Apple and ‘different’ expectations for Amazon. Wall Street

Apple Q3 Earnings: Apple Now Has Over $117 Billion In Cash Reserves

Apple closed its record June quarter with $117 billion in cash reserves, up from $110 billion last quarter. Crediting strong sales of almost all products as well as an improved economy. Asia-Pacific g