Customer engagement platform Batch raises $23 million after years of bootstrapping

If you’ve been working in the French tech ecosystem, you may remember a startup called AppGratis. The app discovery and promotion startup basically had to stop operating overnight following a long a

Apple Tightens The Noose On Apps For Recommending Apps, Going After Sharing And Search Tools

Apple has recently taken action against apps that violate clause 2.25 of its App Review Guidelines according to PocketGamer, a rule that says no app should replicate functionality of the App Store in

Apple Kills AppGratis’ Push Notifications In Second Hammer Blow To Its iOS App Discovery/Promotion Business

After booting out app discovery and promotion platform, AppGratis, from the App Store <a href="">earlie

AppGratis Protests App Store Ban With User Petition As Paid Promotion Criticisms Mount

AppGratis, the French app promotion and discovery platform startup that was recently ejected from the App Store on the grounds that it violates Apple's developer T&Cs, is protesting the ban by pet

AppGratis Was Indeed Pulled By Apple, But “Reports Of [Its] Death Are Greatly Exaggerated”

iOS App Discovery Service AppGratis just confirmed that it was indeed pulled from the App Store on Friday. At the time, commentators were left wondering what was wrong with AppGratis’ app. Found

Apple Pulls iOS App Discovery Service AppGratis From App Store

Apple pulled discovery service and daily deal app AppGratis from the App Store. So far, AppGratis is not communicating on the issue and users can only speculate about what the issue is. Sometimes, App

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock Racks Up 637K Downloads In 24 Hours Via AppGratis Partnership

Standing out in the App Store can be a problem, and there are plenty of businesses out there built around trying to make it easier. AppGratis is one such company, whose recent funding we covered last

iOS App Discovery Tool AppGratis Raises $13.5M To Grow Its 7M-Strong User Base Even Faster

Paris-based AppGratis has been in operation for a few years now, but it has only recently started targeting the U.S. market in earnest. Now, the app discovery tool for Apple's iOS mobile ecosystem is