Salesforce AppExchange Revolutionized Software Distribution When It Launched Ten Years Ago Today

The Salesforce AppExchange turned ten years old today and it represents quite a milestone for enterprise software development. In fact, the app store concept that Salesforce developed pre-dated Apple

Salesforce Launches A Private Version Of AppExchange For Companies To Manage Their Own App Stores is launching the capability for customers to install a private version of<a target="_blank" href=""> AppExchange</a>, the company's app marketplace.

Salesforce Is A Platform Company. Period.

You can bet what would have happened if had not focused on becoming more of a platform company than a CRM provider. It would have faced a market with more modern CRM vendors, putting it

Salesforce Dives Deep into Google Adwords

Salesforce will announce the launch of a new service called Salesforce for Google Adwords on Tuesday. The new product will be available to Salesforce customers on AppExchange, which launched earlier t