app star awards

  • AppsFire Hands Out iPhone / iPad App Star Awards (Videos of the Winners)

    Freshly funded mobile app discovery startup AppsFire has handed out some App Star Awards to a number of developers of unlaunched iPhone / iPad applications this morning at the 360iDev conference in San Jose, California. This was the second edition of the App Star Awards – the first one was held at the Le Web conference in Paris last year (check out the winners of the first edition). Read More

  • Le Web 2009: Appsfire Announces iPhone App Star Award Winners

    Here at Le WebAppsfire just announced the winners of the App Star Awards, which were handed out by the startup to developers of iPhone applications who came up with some innovative tools for the platform. Caveat: since these are upcoming apps, they aren’t available on the App Store yet. But we have demo videos. Read More