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Astra secures new debt agreement with assets as collateral

Astra has been thrown a critical lifeline in the form of new debt financing, which provides the company with a little more time to find funding to stave off catastrophe. The company said on Monday tha

Astra Space weighs up selling parts of its business as it looks for cash

As Astra Space continues to search for a lifeline to avoid bankruptcy, the company is reportedly weighing up selling a 51% stake in its in-space propulsion business or selling other parts of the busin

Astra’s Apollo Fusion acquisition followed by delays and desertion

Two years ago, Astra hailed its acquisition of satellite propulsion startup Apollo Fusion as a strategic move that would round out its launch business and bring expert engineers into the fold. But und

Astra to acquire electric in-space propulsion company Apollo Fusion

Astra, the space launch startup with plans to go public via a SPAC merger, will acquire electric propulsion maker Apollo Fusion, the company said Monday. Electric propulsion systems are effective at m

Magdrive secures seed funding for new propulsion system which could take us to the stars

A startup with a new type of spacecraft propulsion system could make the interplanetary travel seen in “Star Trek” a reality. Magdrive has just closed a £1.4 million seed round led by Fou

Google’s Project Loon head is getting into nuclear power

Google X’s raison d'être is embracing far-out ideas, so it’s no surprise, really that former director Mike Cassidy is wading into the decidedly choppy and always controversial waters of nuclear e