• Dutch Art Project Helps Prepare For Zombie Attack

    Not quite sure where to go when the zombies attack? Dutch designer Joep van Lieshout has just the thing for you: the Vostok Cabin. Built out of welded together plates from dead ships, what the Vostok Cabin lacks in comfort, it makes up for it security. Read More

  • 1989 Honda CRX named ‘Ultimate Apocalypsemobile’

    We know you’ve all been waiting a long time for the results to come in, but Wired has named the 1989 Honda CRX HF the “Ultimate Apocalypsemobile,” citing the car’s great cargo capacity, simple and reliable engine design, and great gas mileage – 50 miles per gallon, to be exact. If Wired’s recommendation isn’t enough to persuade you, Carsurvey.org also… Read More