• Play And Share Your Music Collection In The Cloud With tunesBag

    Vienna, Austria-based tunesBag is opening up the public beta version of its social music service today, after allowing access by invitation only for the past year or so. The launch has been a long time coming, considering the fact that the startup has already produced a fully functional web client, and Adobe-AIR powered desktop client and applications for iPhone, Facebook and Boxee since… Read More

  • Digital Music Streaming Startup tunesBag Releases Desktop Application

    I’ve been tracking the progress of Vienna, Austria-based music startup tunesBag for a while now. It’s essentially a social music player that can best be compared to the likes of Lala, imeem and in the sense that it allows you to upload your entire MP3 collection, stream it from anywhere over the Internet and share it with your friends. It’s completely free and… Read More

  • Stream Your Music Collection to Anywhere with JukeFly

    If you like the idea of listening to your music collection on whichever computer you choose but aren’t satisfied with the plethora of music lockers out there (including the very nicely designed which was acquired by Imeem recently), check out the streaming music service JukeFly as an alternative. JukeFly looks a lot like but there’s a crucial difference… Read More

  • Imeem Gobbles Up A Young Startup, Anywhere.FM

    After less than a year in operation, the team at Anywhere.FM reached an early payday today when veteran social music service Imeem gobbled them up for an undisclosed sum, most likely in a cash and stock mix. The iTunes-style web music player had raised under $100,000 in financing from Y Combinator and angels, making an early exit likely below $5 million possible. Anywhere.FM with its 60,000… Read More

  • 100 Invites for Musana, The "Music Happiness Center"

    Musana, a digital music locker service based in France, has offered to allow the first 100 of our readers who email this address into its private beta. I’ve tried Musana out and it’s quite bare-boned. Upload MP3s from your computer and you can listen to them through the service’s simple browser-based player wherever you go. Musana is free, storage is unlimited and there are… Read More

  • Ezmo: Another Online Music Application Nibbling At iTunes

    We’ve come a long way since the record industry sued in 2000. Listening to copies of your digital music online is quickly becoming commonplace and Norway’s Ezmo is another web application helping push the trend. Ezmo, like Anywhere.FM, is a clone of iTunes on the web that just came to the United States. Their Flash based player lets you upload your music to the web, organize… Read More

  • Y Combinator Demo Day: The Summer Startups

    Y Combinator held their fall bi-annual Demo Day today at their Mountain View office. The fall demo day featured a whopping 19 companies giving lightning fast 7 minute elevator pitches to a room of press and potential angel investors. The companies were earlier selected during their Summer application drive. Paul Graham started off the event briskly after an initial mixer, encouraging investors… Read More

  • Listen To Your iTunes Library On The Web With Anywhere.FM has launched a new online music player that looks and feels a lot like a web based version of the iTunes player, sans the music marketplace. Like iTunes, you can load maintain a music library, reorganize your songs into play lists, and veg out to visualizations.’s iTunes bulk uploader makes it easy to get up and running with your existing library. The company… Read More