• Tweetvite: An Events Site Dedicated To Planning And Finding Tweetups

    A little over a year ago we saw the launch of Anyvite, a Y Combinator funded competitor to Evite that was looking to streamline event planning. Tonight, that startup is launching a spin-off site called Tweetvite — a site dedicated to helping plan and discover Tweetups. For those that haven’t encountered the term before, a Tweetup is a real-life get together between people who… Read More

  • Y Combinator's Demo Day Summer 2008

    The twenty one startups from Y Combinator’s summer session are presenting their ideas and creations to investors in Boston this afternoon. Below are descriptions of the nine startups we haven’t covered and who don’t wish to remain in stealth mode any longer. See our prior coverage of Posterous, Anyvite, ididwork, Popcuts, and Slinkset – all of which are part of this… Read More

  • Y Combinator's Anyvite Takes On Evite, Keeps Things Simple

    It’s no secret that Evite sucks. It’s cluttered, it unnecessarily withholds information from email messages in order to drive page hits, and it looks like it hasn’t seen a facelift in about a decade. The latest company to take on the much-maligned site is Anyvite, a Y Combinator-funded startup that launches today. Anyvite has taken a very streamlined approach to the… Read More