• AnyLeaf Gets An iPhone App For On-The-Go Grocery Deals

    I’m absolutely terrible at saving money at the grocery store. Having grown up surrounded by gadgets, the idea of tearing through page after page of those weekly grocery store mailers seems about as savvy as getting all of my news via smoke signal. Nine times out of ten, they go straight from my mailbox to the recycling bin. For the past few weeks, I’ve been using the… Read More

  • AnyLeaf Aggregates And Delivers Personalized Grocery Store Deals

    For decades, my mother and grandmother have both religiously scanned the weekly coupon books and circulars that arrive in the weekend newspaper. While clipping coupons can be tedious, grocery stores’ weekly deals can often take out a significant chunk of change of the weekly food bill. Of course, as print couponing becomes obsolete, many consumers are looking to the web for deals at… Read More