Oh, yes, BD+ was cracked (and how!)

[photopress:brplusanydvd.jpg,full,center] The latest version of SlySoft’s AnyDVD, as of one week ago, can crack BD+, the copy protection used on some commercial Blu-ray discs. It’s the sam

Latest HD DVD copy protection cracked, Transformers now on the loose

This has nothing to do with DeCSS, but it takes me back I for one love the rat race between copy protection creators and copy protection breakers. Newly released Blu-ray and HD DVD discs have been shi

AnyDVD Says Buh-Bye To DRM

AnyDVD has come to the aid of Blu-Ray fans who want to crack that useless DRM. It was initially thought that AnyDVD would release a beta version, but Version has been released and you are now