Antimatter uses memes to turn C students into C+ students

Antimatter is an edtech company that operates under a simple, enticing premise: If a student really understands a topic, then they’ll be able to make a meme about it. “To be able to shitpost,

Antimatter brings shitposting to the classroom

“To be able to shitpost, you have to understand the subject matter really well,” Antimatter founder Jonathan Libov deadpans. “In a sense, shitposting is the highest form of conscious

Antimatter raises $12M Series A to help SaaS companies keep their customer data secure

With SaaS becoming the standard for most business software, the security demands on SaaS companies are constantly increasing. Add users who need their data sandboxed from others or kept in a specific

Step up your meme game with Antimatter’s Reverse Meme Search app

Like it or not, memes are part of how we communicate now — we even reference memes in our headlines. But iterating upon existing memes can be a needlessly clunky user experience. First, you need