• Sling TV is now giving away digital antennas to those who prepay for its service

    Sling TV is now giving away digital antennas to those who prepay for its service

    Dish’s streaming service for cord cutters, Sling TV, is now offering consumers without access to local broadcasts channels the ability to add an over-the-air (OTA) antenna to their existing setup – in some cases, for free. The company announced today two OTA antenna bundles which will include either a free a free Winegard indoor antenna when they prepay for two months of Sling, or… Read More

  • Antenna Acquires Mobile Internet Software Company Volantis

    Mobile applications developer Antenna Software this morning announced it has acquired mobile Internet software company Volantis. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The move allows Antenna to position itself as an end-to-end mobile solutions provider for enterprises and carriers, and also ensures geographic expansion (particularly in Europe and Asia). Read More

  • Dirt continues to fly from under the Apple tree: Droid X is latest victim

    We all know that the iPhone 4 is a great device, but it makes calls about as good as BP can plug an oil well. Yeah, put on a case and it works better, or update the phone and see your “true” signal. We went through this last week; “it’s not just the iPhone 4, it’s every iPhone and every other mobile out there.” But does that explain the new dead zones we see? Read More

  • The Only Real Solution to Apple's Antenna Problem

    The Only Real Solution to Apple's Antenna Problem

    Editor’s note: Guest author Steve Cheneyis an entrepreneur and formerly an engineer & programmer specializing in web and mobile technologies. Leading up to Apple’s press conference tomorrow, there’s been endless speculation about the iPhone 4 antenna issue. Amidst all the wrangling, both sides have been pretty bipolar about the solution—suggesting either a… Read More

  • Apple's reception issue talking points leaked, no mention of fix

    So apparently the reception problems on the iPhone 4G are reaching levels where Apple feels they need to make sure their customer service people are aware of it. According to a document leaked to BGR, the problem isn’t with the phone (or the network) it’s that you’re not holding your new phone properly Read More

  • World's smallest UWB developed by Ph.D. student

    Believe it or not, the image above is an UWB antenna and not some Stargate universe artifact. Taeyoung Yang, a Virginia Tech Ph.D. student, devised the idea of creating a ultra-wideband antenna as small as theoretically possible and this is it. The antenna boosts a 95% efficiency rating and the world’s smallest with a 10:1 bandwidth. Read More

  • DTV Transition now less than six months away

    Americans are now less than six months away from the analog to digital transition. Barring any legislative roadblocks, February 17th, 2009 should be the last day of analog broadcasts. Some stations might have an extra two weeks due to the NAB quite period but don’t count on your station staying lit. We just don’t want to see anyone lose their television signals because of… Read More

  • DIY HDTV tin foil antenna

    Not to ‘geek up’ the site or anything, but check out this DIY HDTV antenna. We can’t vouch for the strength of it, but what do you have to lose? It’s not like there is anything on TV these days nor does it cost anything but a bit of tinfoil and a couple of metal clothes hangers. Go ahead and give it a try. We have an thousand bonus points going to the first AV nerd… Read More

  • Old rooftop antennae pose problem for would-be digital TV viewers

    Flickr’d Post 900 about the upcoming transition to all-digital TV next February. Folks who live in apartment buildings with a shared, rooftop antenna should be concerned. Since the new digital transmissions will be going out over UHF—most rooftop antennae are VHF-only—they’re going to have to convince they’re landlord or building owner or whatever to make sure… Read More

  • AIRcable Extends Bluetooth Range To 20 Miles

    Supposedly this $129 dongle will bump the average 30 foot range of Bluetooth to an astonishing 20 miles. Although the included hardware will do just fine at about half a mile, it looks like you are going to need a pretty serious external antenna to reach the advertised range. With ten times the transmission power of a regular Bluetooth transmitter, the possibilities are endless. Use on… Read More