• Fox Television Tries To Crowdsource Cartoons Through Aniboom

    Fox Television, the proud home of The Simpsons and Family Guy, is looking for another cartoon franchise to add to its roster. But rather than searching in Hollywood, it is crowdsourcing cartoon ideas on the Web. In a contest hosted on animation site Aniboom, professional and amateur animators alike will be able to submit a two- to four-minute animated video online for a chance at cash prizes… Read More

  • Not Funny: MyToons Implodes Amidst Serious Drama

    Some companies go out with a whisper, others with a bang. In the case of online animation community MyToons, we’d call it the latter. Not only do we know the startup has laid off its entire staff except for the founders (which equals 20 to 27 people depending on who you ask) because the lead investor refused to pony up more cash, but we’re also hearing stories from multiple sources… Read More

  • Aniboom Believed to Raise $10 Million from DFJ

    Update 6/27/08: The round is now confirmed. Additional investors include DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures and Evergreen Venture Partners Israeli-based animation site aniBoom is about to announce a $10 million B round, a source tells us. We believe the round was led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, although the company won’t confirm this. An announcement is expected on Monday. The company… Read More

  • AniBoom's Animation-Studio Ambitions

    Uri Shinar is looking for a hit. But the CEO of animation website aniBoom (see earlier TechCrunch coverage here) thinks he can find one by creating a platform for talented, aspiring animators worldwide. A former Israeli-TV bigwig, Shinar is credited with helping to establish Israel’s No. 1 commercial TV station. Now he is trying to lay the foundations for a Web-based animation studio… Read More

  • AniBoom Gets Its Own Channel on Joost

    Israeli-startup AniBoom just went live with an animation channel on Joost to launch, the peer-to-peer Internet TV service. AniBoom is an animation site with 30,000 videos, contributed from about 3,000 animators around the world. AniBoom, which competes with MyToons, currently splits advertising revenues with animators who contribute to the site, and holds an annual $50,000 contest to attract… Read More

  • User Generated Animation Site MyToons Launches It is our luck to have two excellent user generated animated video sites now live – Israel-based Aniboom and, starting today, MyToons, which just came out of private beta. MyToons certainly has the edge over Aniboom on design and overall usability, although I found site navigation to be slow this morning. With both sites, users… Read More

  • Aniboom Raises $4.5 Million For Cartoons

    Israeli Startup Aniboom has raise $4.5 million in an initial round of financing. At least that’s what TechCrunch France writer Ouriel Ohayon tells me this page says. The round was led by Israeli venture firm Evergreen. The site has very good user generated animated videos presented in a Flash player and embeddable in other websites. My favorite Aniboom video is embedded at the end of… Read More

  • Animated Short Films on AniBoom

    Israeli startup AniBoom, a Flash video site for original animated short films, officially launches tomorrow, although the site has been live since late September. To kick things off they are holding a $50,000 contest for the most highly rated films – $25,000 to the winner and five additional $5,000 prizes. Jeff Pulver noted them as well a couple of weeks ago after meeting the founders. Read More