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Rovio Opens Angry Birds Space Encounter Exhibit After Announcing Global Theme Park Plans

<a target="_blank" href="">Rovio</a> is yet again breaking into new businesses with the introduction of the first Angry Birds interactive attractio

D’oh! Homer Simpson, And His Donut, May Show Up In Angry Birds Space

We heard from Peter Vesterbacka himself that Angry Birds Space would be Rovio's biggest launch yet. It's had crazy success since its launch in March, and in proper Rovio fashion, the company has just

Rovio: Angry Birds Space Downloaded 10M Times In 3 Days

The Mighty Eagle has landed! Released <a href="">late last week</a>, the latest edition of Rovio's Angry Birds franchise was downloade

Pre-Order Your Angry Birds Space Plush Toys Now!

Rovio is back! After seemingly resting on the success of the original games, Angry Birds Space launched yesterday with much fanfare. And you know what? It's a great game. I choose to fling birds throu

Rovio Goes Gravity-Free With Angry Birds Space (Video)

Curious how Rovio planned on dealing with physics in the <a href="">forthcoming Angry