AngelList Syndicates

Profit From A Profile On AngelList

AngelList is the LinkedIn for startups; it's a directory for finding and researching great startups. Many of the biggest seed venture capital firms and angel investors are on the list, and many use it

FundersClub’s New “Partnerships” Let You Start A Venture Capital Fund Or Invest In One

FundersClub democratized angel investing with its equity crowdfunding marketplace. Two years later, it wants to do the same for launching a fund or being a limited partner by licensing out its backend

AngelList Unveils Maiden Lane, A $25 Million Fund For AngelList Deals

AngelList is working on a new project called Maiden Lane. Behind this name is a new experiment in startup investment. Structured as a traditional small VC firm, Maiden Lane will only invest in AngelLi

Betaworks And Tim Ferriss Among First Using General Solicitation To Ask Crowds For Investment

It's day one of the new general solicitation rules allowing companies to openly advertise that they're fundraising, and Betaworks is wasting no time. It's just emailed asking its thousands of Openbeta