AngelHack Launches A Startup Accelerator, Bringing Its Hackathon To 30+ Cities This Spring

<a target="_blank" href="">AngelHack</a> has always been a little different from your average hackathon — rather than taking place in one place over one weekend, it has becom

Bizodo Launches SignupasaService At AngelHack NYC To Cut Registration Woes Out Of The Design Process

This weekend a company named Bizodo won the <a target="_blank" href="">AngelHack NYC Fall 2012 Hackathon</a>. But not for <a href="

AngelHack Goes International For Its Next Hackathon

The last time <a href="">I talked up AngelHack</a>, I was impressed that the hackathon had spread to two coasts. Looks like that wasn't enough f

Your National AngelHack Winners: Appetas, GiveGo, And ShareBrowse

This summer's <a target="_blank" href="">AngelHack</a> was a little more ambitious than your average hackathon. Instead of holding one event in one location over one weekend, i