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The 7 best ways to lose money as an angel investor

Investing at the earliest stages of a company is a high-risk activity, even with perfect information and context.

Hidden in plain sight: 5 red flags for investors

Even the most experienced angel investors and VCs can overlook red flags that are not immediately apparent.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Deep due diligence, early Q1 2023 VC results, flight lessons for angels

Maybe some founders are under pressure to return money to investors, but what about the GPs who are sending funds back to their LPs?

Daily Crunch: Google will unplug its IoT Core service in August 2023

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How should web3 companies approach fundraising during a downturn?

It’s a delicate balance of gauging the various fundraising options available and knowing which practices to embrace or avoid along the way.

A new ‘institutional angel’ fund is an example of the UK’s continuing ability to innovate in venture

The U.K.’s Enterprise Investment Scheme has been a powerhouse for startups out of the U.K. because it allowed angel investors to invest in a very tax-efficient manner. Launched in 1994, it was desig

Looking for an investment from a CVC? Take these 3 tips to the negotiation table

It may seem like you're facing off against Goliath when trying to negotiate with CVCs, but the size and experience of their legal teams doesn't give them an automatic advantage.

How to check for founder-investor alignment before you start fundraising

As funding gets harder to come by, your risk tolerance may change, but your process for evaluating investors should not.

What can Black VCs and founders expect in H2 2022?

There are billions of dollars to invest, so all that's needed is to put more of that capital to work in the businesses of minority founders.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Non-dilutive biotech capital, long-term angel investing, WayRay’s $80M pitch deck

As a veteran startup worker who has been laid off during economic downturns, it's dissonant to hear investors say this is a good time to launch a software startup. They're not wrong, however.

Long-term angel investing: Understanding capital requirements and how to find quality investments

There are three primary benefits to angel investing if you work in the technology industry: financial, educational and professional.

We turned our investors into our best source of customer feedback

Next time an investor asks “How can I be helpful?” give this approach some consideration.

Making room at the cap table: A new plan for promoting diversity in tech

As it turns out, we don’t just have a diversity problem in tech employment. We have a diversity problem in tech investment as well.

3 things to remember when diversifying your startup’s cap table

Making purposeful decisions on diversity and inclusion in the workplace goes beyond simply building your team.

Learn how to build your VC network at TechCrunch Disrupt

Relationships form the foundation of any business, and a solid foundation requires cultivating a strong network of people who advise, empower and invest in you and your startup dreams. But knowing how

Tofino Capital reaches first close of $10M fund to back startups in frontier markets

Tofino Capital, a venture capital firm targeting early-stage startups in emerging markets, has launched its $10 million fund. It is announcing the first close of this fund at $5 million and hopes to a

TechCrunch+ roundup: The Kindbody TC-1, Glossier’s mistakes, calculating startup runway

With a focus on education that addresses the fragmentation associated with infertility care, Kindbody is growing at a remarkable pace, but it's also helping many patients feel seen and heard for the f

Does your startup have enough runway? 5 factors to consider

While it’s not easy to convey less than stellar news about your company to investors and other stakeholders, it’s absolutely critical to be transparent.

2 reasons why demo days are dead

In an investment landscape that has changed drastically over recent years, demo days are an outdated tradition.

New Stack Ventures raises second fund focused on Silicon Valley outsiders

The Chicago-based firm prides itself on being unique from other venture capital firms.
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