Angel Investing

The loss of first check investors

Victor Basta hit a nerve with his article on TechCrunch last week describing the “implosion” of venture capital over the past 36 months. Using PitchBook data, he found that the total number of VC

Trends in angel investing

“Tell me about your cap table?” I asked the founder of an early-stage startup. He was clearly passionate about his business, and had assembled a top-notch team to help him achieve his ambitious vi

How and why to pitch angel groups

Not every great business is VC backable. But every business needs capital to grow. If you’re launching a great business, but you don’t plan on being a unicorn, keep reading.

Rebuilding VC, And Saving Boston Too

There is a tension at the heart of the startup ecosystem in Boston between glorifying the city’s past as a leader in the Industrial Revolution and acknowledging the city’s current status in the te

Winning AngelList

It’s a 500,000 person party, and you’re invited. It’s 24/7, no charge for entrance, and when you leave you could go home with a pile of cash instead of a creeping hangover. As Fred Wilson says,

How Institutional Limited Partners Can Avoid Limited Returns

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>John Frankel is founder and partner of <a target="_blank" href="">ff Venture Capital</a> and has been an early-stage venture investor since 1999. Follow him

Angel Investors Do Make Money, Data Shows 2.5x Returns Overall

<b>Editor’s note:</b> <em>Robert Wiltbank, PhD, is a professor at Willamette University in Portland, Ore. He is co-author of </em>Effectual Entrepreneurship<em> and of </em>The Catalyst<em>, as wel

Games Are A Difficult Investment Proposition, But Crowdfunding Could Change That

Game startups have long struggled to find funding (especially in Europe) because of a tension between being perceived to be hit-driven (like movies) while actually needing to be funded like technology

FundersClub Wants To Bypass VC And Let YOU Invest In Startups

<a target="_blank" href="">FundersClub</a> is going to change how companies get funded. Today it launches a website designed to let anyone with as little as $1000 make equit

What The Senate’s Crowdfund Act Means For The Tech Industry Right Now [TCTV]

The <a href="">Crowdfund Act</a>, a bill to reduce restrictions on regular pe

Venture Capital Sputters in the Third Quarter; Consumer Down, Business Services and Software Up

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UK Angel Attacks Pay-To-Pitch Culture of Many European Angel Networks

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Angelgate EXCLUSIVE: BIN38's Super Angel Menu And More

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Want More Angel Investing In The UK? Let’s Talk About Returns

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Angel Investing: "A Fly On The Elephant's Ass" (Video)

<img src="" />Now that our US Senators are ready to roll-up their sleeves and mud wrestle their way to financial reform (debate has now co