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Tablets Continue To Build Momentum As A Place To Pay, Android & iPad Up 5% In 10 Months

Payments company Adyen has published the first of a new quarterly index intended to track the evolving landscape of mobile commerce. One notable increase flagged up by the data is the increasing popul

Gartner: Global IT Spend To Hit $3.7T In 2013, Up 4.2%; Devices Spend Growth Revised Down, Helped By Cheaper Android Tablets

Analyst Gartner has increased its forecast for worldwide IT spending in 2013, revising its Q3 2012 figure up from 3.8 per cent growth to 4.2 per cent higher than last year's figure. The analyst is now

Lenovo Launches An Android App Store For The Enterprise

Computer manufacturer Lenovo has launched its own Android app store today, called simply, the "<a href="">Lenovo Enterprise App Shop</a>." As the name implies, the s

Why Honeycomb Needs To Ramp Up Its Marketing Mojo

Marcia Marcia Marcia! As it was in the Brady Bunch, so it is in real life. Like Marcia, the iPad is getting all the attention. Honeycomb tabs are living a life of obscurity, unable to get a footing in