Android 4.0

Here Are The HTC Phones Invited To The Ice Cream Sandwich Social

Though it's far and away the best iteration of Android to date, <a href="">4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich</a> has only made its way

New Swype Beta Packs Support For Ice Cream Sandwich

Don't get me wrong -- Ice Cream Sandwich's stock keyboard is pretty fantastic, but after having spent the past year or two Swyping my way though text messages and emails, most other modes of text inpu

Meet Samsung’s First Android 4.0 Tablet: The 7-Inch Galaxy Tab 2

Samsung is no slouch when it comes to producing smaller tablets -- their first foray into the Android tab market was the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, and they recently revisited that form factor with the Galaxy

Holo Promise: Google Moves To Ensure UI Integrity On All Android 4.0 Devices

Google has posted a bit of new info to the <a href="">Android Developers blog</a> that is probably less of a big deal than people are

Motorola And Sony Ericsson Weigh In On The Android 4.0 Upgrade Process

The era of Ice Cream Sandwich is upon us, and while some of us are waiting diligently for our Galaxy Nexuses to to arrive, others are left pondering a more different question: when will my device get