android 13

Android 13 rolls out to Pixel devices today

In a blog post, Google today confirmed that the latest version of Android is starting to roll out to Pixel devices, following the release of the final beta almost exactly a month ago. Users with non-G

Google releases final Android 13 beta ahead of official launch

Google has released the fourth and final Android 13 beta ahead of its official launch, which the company says is “just a few weeks away.” There aren’t many changes with this latest u

Google releases Android 13 beta 3, reaches platform stability

Google has released Android 13 beta 3, and while there aren’t any major changes in this version, that’s probably the point of it as the version has reached platform stability. This means t

Android 13 Beta 2 is rolling out today with new user controls, privacy features and more

At Google’s I/O developer conference, the company announced that it’s releasing the second public beta of Android 13 today. The beta comes with a number of new features and user controls, alon